Healthy Living

Healthy Living

It is well know that eating healthily and doing some sort of exercise is good for your mind, unfortunately when you are in the deep depths of depression eating healthily and having the motivation to exercise are sometimes just too hard.

Over the last 9 months I have found life incredibly hard, I’ve changed meds, I’ve had a stay on a psychiatric ward, I’ve had the Crisis team involved, and my weight and any enthusiasm for life has gone to pot.

I have been signed up to PALS (Practice Activity and Leisure Scheme), which gives me some support to get fitter, but also gives me access to cheaper gym and swimming sessions. I have just done week 5, and whilst I am not overly enthusiastic about going, I am continuing to swim mostly twice a week. There is a basic circuit session that I could go to, but I haven’t built up the confidence yet to go to something like that.

My eating has been awful, eating biscuit bar after biscuit bar, then eating chocolate spread on bread (many times), then sweets and chocolate. It is no wonder that my weight is going up and not down. I’ve tried to do the 5:2 way of eating, but when I keep binge eating on the normal days it’s really not been healthy. However yesterday I decided I was going to record what I ate, and so I ate sensibly and today (so far) I am doing the same. I’m hoping that my mind may be starting to realise I have to take control of what I eat.

I’m not saying I have turned any corner, or that I am getting better, but I do think there may be a slight tiny little flickering light in my brain that is starting to see some positives.

I am hoping by writing about my healthy eating and exercising I may stick to it better.

Body Image

Body Image

I have always had an issue with my body and weight, which, considering my mum was always on a diet is not surprising. I’ve always managed to keep my weight within a few pounds of where I would like to be, I’ve never managed to keep toned, but my clothes fitted and I was kind of ok with my body.

However over the last few months I have put on a stone and I am now a weight which I have never been apart from after pregnancy. To look at me no one would say I was overweight as I tend to dress to cover it up, but I know that I am at the top end of where I should be for my height and most of my clothes no longer fit me.

I find myself in unknown territory, I usually manage to loose weight fairly easily, I stop eating the rubbish (biscuits, cakes, chocolate etc) and reduce my portions. This time it does not appear to be working, I try really hard to not eat anything snacky, but I can only manage 1 or 2 days and then I am back to eating unhealthy foods and think it doesn’t matter that is until I look in the mirror! I know mentally I need to eat better, I need to stop eating so much sugary food and up the amount of fruit and veg I am eating, I know that I will feel better physically and mentally when I do. Unfortunately I seem to have lost all will power and motivation to keep going, I can’t decide if it is the medication that has shrunk my will power or the depression that is making me eat (quite possibly both I guess?).

My mental health is still not good at the moment and some would say don’t worry about your weight at the moment, you need to have a clear head to manage to loose weight, but my increased weight is making me feel down as well. I need some ideas as to what works and what doesn’t, NJ and I are both trying to loose weight and are trying to calorie count, and in a change from the norm NJ is doing better than I am and is being a lot stricter with himself.

So anyone out there that has found a good way of changing your eating habits please let me know how you did it.


Healthy Eating (or lack there of!)

I know all about health eating, I know what is good and what is bad (well like most of the population) and at the moment I don’t have an actual weight issue, but what I do have is an issue with food in general.

I seem to go from eating anything and everything in sight and by that I mean the unhealthy food, not the apples and grapes that are staring at me! I am eating cereal bars, biscuits, slices of bread and Nutella, chocolate basically anything that is sweet I am eating it. This is in total contrast to what I was (or wasn’t) eating 2 weeks ago.

2 weeks ago I was eating only when hungry, and that wasn’t very often, and was saying no to biscuits, crisps and chocolate! I spent most days drinking tea and coffee, I was by no means starving myself, but I also wasn’t being sensible about how and what I was (or wasn’t ) eating!

I know all this is to do with depression, either over eating or under eating, but I also know that eating as much processed food as I have been is not good for my mental health, physical health or my energy levels!

I KNOW what I should be eating, I know what is healthy and what isn’t but what I don’t know is how to change my mind-set to stop the bad habits. So if anyone has got any good ideas on how to progress that would be great. Ideas of freeing the house of all the ‘bad’ foods will not work, with 3 children to feed and lunches to make there needs to be a certain amount in the house, I also don’t think they should suffer because of me.

One other thing, I have done this before, cut out all rubbish, so I am capable, I just don’t seem to be able to get off the starting blocks this time!

How do you Know?

How do you Know?

How do you know that what you are experiencing is depression? What is the difference between depression and frustration with a situation? Whats the difference between depression and laziness?

I don’t know the answers to these questions, or the answers to many more that I have going round my head right now. However what I do know is that at the moment I don’t feel ‘right’, which is a very hard thing to describe. I feel very distant from everyone, NJ, the children, friends, everyone. On the surface I probably seem quite ok, I will chat and smile and do and say the right things, but inside I feel numb and distant from everything. I feel the desire to turn away and avoid any conversation.

The smallest thing that doesn’t go to plan, or the raised voice of NJ upsets me, but I have to hold it together when the children are about, and often they are the ones that I am getting frustrated with.

The constant mess in the house frustrates and stresses me, yet I seem unable to keep the place tidy, apparently I have always been like this, so it’s unlikly to be a sign of depression. I am just someone with no ‘get up and go’, yet somewhere along the way I have been ill and have been given medication and therapy so now I am confused and don’t know what is real and what is in my head.

Over the last few weeks I have been visited by my gremlins, they are quite persuasive whilst invading my brain, and sometimes the thoughts become all-consuming that I forget everything else that is going on around me. I am also quite obsessed with how I feel mentally and physically, is this lack of energy due to poor eating, lack of exercise or is it really a sign that I have slipped down the spiral again?

I want to believe that I am ill, because what if I’m not?  What if I am just feeling sorry for myself, and not doing enough to pick myself up? What if I was to get up in the morning and say all is well, and keep smiling and keeping happy thoughts in my mind, is that all it would take? Unfortunately the more I think about it the more the gremlins start shouting, and the more I feel like walking out and leaving everything behind, but you can’t run away from your mind! I know I won’t walk out, where would I go, what would happen to the children and it won’t make me feel any different.

I am not sure there are any answers to these questions, but I’m willing to see if anyone has them.

New Year New Me – Week 2

New Year New Me – Week 2

So I’ve completed my first week of my healthy eating & exercise regime, and how did I do?

Well not too bad, I have eaten mostly well, Saturday I went over my alloted calories and then had a glass of wine, and then Sunday I wasn’t horrendous but did eat more than I should have done. Overall though I think food wise I have done well, I have often craved some chocolate and biscuits but have managed to battle the feelings and had an apple or some grapes instead (although they really don’t taste the same!).

On the exercise front I have not done as well, I received my new exercise DVD on Wednesday and I had full intention of using it that night, but it didn’t happen. In my defense I had been on an hours walk up a steep hill with a friend in the morning, so that may have had something to do with my lack of enthusiasm to get going that evening. However the rest of the week does not have such a good excuse, just that I never got round to it. I am determined that this week I will start doing my exercises, as I know once I start I will enjoy it and it will also make a huge difference to the way my body looks.

One really good thing to come out of this already is that we are all eating better, I have made proper meals most of the week and so we are eating vegetables more than once a week! This is especially good for NJ and I, its easy to make the kids eat well and then when we have our tea we can not be bothered so end up with a pizza or a microwave curry. Tonight’s meal is fish pie & vegetables, just hope that everyone likes it.

My challenge this week is to do at least 2 exercise sessions and continue to eat healthily.

New Year New Me

New Year New Me

Along with half the population I am starting a healthy eating and exercise regime today, and in a vain attempt to make myself accountable I thought I would blog about it and see how I get on.

Most people who look at me say I am fine, there’s nothing to lose etc, and this is not a brag, but I sometimes find myself making excuses for me wanting to lose weight and tone up. I am short (hence the name) and as soon as I put a few extra pounds on it shows. I refuse to buy bigger clothes (can’t afford it anyway!) but also I don’t want to get bigger.

I have had an issue with my weight for years, I grew up with a mum that was always on a diet, she tried all sorts of different things, but one that always sticks in my mind is one that was a strange-looking drink that started as a powder! She would sit and drink that as we all ate our meals. She has always gone on about size, her’s and other people’s, and this is something that has rubbed off on me. Thankfully  I am not concerned with other people’s weight, but I am concerned with my size and what people think of me. My Dad did not help this issue, after my first term at uni he said to me ‘you’ve been eating well’  to which I said yes, and then he said it again and I realised that he meant that I had put on weight. It may have been nice of him to talk about other things first perhaps? Anyway we are adamant that we don’t want our kids to be affected by our own battles with weight so NJ and I always talk about healthy eating and what is good to eat and whats good to eat as a treat.

So I am starting today eating healthily and counting calories as I find that is what helps, but I won’t deprive myself of all things all the time, I just won’t be eating chocolate everyday or drinking wine every night! I am also going to start doing exercises, hopefully 3 or 4 times a week, which I think will make the biggest difference to me. NJ is joining in too, he needs to lose more than me, but we also want to get the whole family eating better and not as much processed food.

I am also hoping that by eating better and exercising I will not only help my body but also help my mind. y mental health seems to be on the up at the moment, but I know that exercise and healthy eating always helps.

So if anyone wants to join me on this new year new me quest then it would be great to have someone to keep me motivated.