I have realised that I need to have some goals in my life, I need to have something to aim for, some thing for me.

Since 2002 I have been trying to get pregnant, been pregnant or had a baby to look after. I still have to look after the kids (and the husband), but there will be no more babies, which means I don’t have to think about that. Even before that time I was thinking about getting married and then before that was Uni, A-Levels and GCSE’s. I’ve always had a goal of some description, but now I seem to be lacking in having any direction.

I had a meeting recently with my business mentor, and I have got some business goals and I feel good about them, as it’s my own business I should feel like I have something to work towards, but it’s not helping.

I don’t even know what I want, what will help, what will make me feel like I have something to live for? Yes I know I have my kids and my husband and I guess that should be enough, but as the youngest goes to school in September I will be at a loose end during the school day. NJ (Hubby) would probably say I could use the time to get the house sorted, which I could, but I don’t think I would feel fulfilled, but maybe I would?

So Goals, what can I aim for?

My business goals are to get a team working with me over the next 12 months and to get to the next level in my business.

My personal goals are less clear. Maybe doing a weekly goal would help?

So this weeks goal (Thur to Wed) will be to get all the washing and ironing up to date – and if you saw my pile of ironing you’d understand why it’s a big goal!

If anyone has any good suggestions for long term goals that may help me feel more like a living person, rather than just existing, please let me know.

I’m linking this up to Kate on Thin Ice and her Groovy Mums post.


One thought on “Goals

  1. You have a big new chapter ahead. Somehow you have to either rediscover a old passion or find a new one. You may need to take time out to find this. You certainly should ease up on yourself as you are not the only one who struggles to navigate things.
    Good to have you back as one of the #groovymums

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