I saw a psychiatrist today (not my normal one, but his student type person), he asked me a few questions, but then I was brave and said I wanted to come off my antidepressant. He wasn’t keen on the idea, he felt that I should wait until the New Year and see how I felt then.

I always seem to have a dip Jan / Feb time, so felt that it wouldn’t be beneficial, and I wouldn’t be able to tell if it was me or the meds.

I want to come off them as I need to know if I am ok without them, and do all the thoughts etc come from the meds or are they really from my brain? I don’t think he really understood my reasons, or even if he wanted to understand them.

I was quite forceful in saying what I wanted, and I don’t think he was particularly happy with what I was saying, but I am fed up with just listening to everyone else and doing what they think is right.

So I may be wrong, I might not cope off the meds, but at least then I will know, and then I will take what ever I need to take. But at the moment I have a need to know how I am.


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