3 Days to go!

3 Days to go!

There are 3 more working days to go till the kids go back to school, and unfortunately it can’t come soon enough. I feel like I am broken, their constant bickering, shouting and ignoring instructions has finally worn me down and I just want to wave  the white flag.

I am tired, fed up and lonely. I have hardly met up with anyone this holiday, most;y because the few friends (3) I have, have had holidays when I didn’t, I see things on fb and talk to my sisters and they have been meeting up with people most days and it makes me realise how few friends I really have. Maybe that is the cause of my sudden mood drop?

The kids also know how to wind me up, and they just keep going and going, until I snap and really shout at them, and even then they keep doing what ever they please. AJ went to a friends for a sleep over last night, and has played with her friend all day, yet she still is in a rotten mood, being nasty and spiteful to the other two. FJ is being a master of wind up and making TJ scream and shout, and then TJ is shouting and screaming and not eating her food.

I have tried over the last few days to keep doing different things and to not play games on my phone / fb, but it hasn’t helped my mood or the kids moods either. I am getting more things done for my business, but tonight I just feel so drained none of it feels worth while doing.

What I really want to do right now is hide away somewhere and come back out when I feel stronger and less tired, but unfortunately that won’t happen as I have 3 kids and I have nowhere to go.

I am getting to that stage where I think what is the point?


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