Body Image

Body Image

I have always had an issue with my body and weight, which, considering my mum was always on a diet is not surprising. I’ve always managed to keep my weight within a few pounds of where I would like to be, I’ve never managed to keep toned, but my clothes fitted and I was kind of ok with my body.

However over the last few months I have put on a stone and I am now a weight which I have never been apart from after pregnancy. To look at me no one would say I was overweight as I tend to dress to cover it up, but I know that I am at the top end of where I should be for my height and most of my clothes no longer fit me.

I find myself in unknown territory, I usually manage to loose weight fairly easily, I stop eating the rubbish (biscuits, cakes, chocolate etc) and reduce my portions. This time it does not appear to be working, I try really hard to not eat anything snacky, but I can only manage 1 or 2 days and then I am back to eating unhealthy foods and think it doesn’t matter that is until I look in the mirror! I know mentally I need to eat better, I need to stop eating so much sugary food and up the amount of fruit and veg I am eating, I know that I will feel better physically and mentally when I do. Unfortunately I seem to have lost all will power and motivation to keep going, I can’t decide if it is the medication that has shrunk my will power or the depression that is making me eat (quite possibly both I guess?).

My mental health is still not good at the moment and some would say don’t worry about your weight at the moment, you need to have a clear head to manage to loose weight, but my increased weight is making me feel down as well. I need some ideas as to what works and what doesn’t, NJ and I are both trying to loose weight and are trying to calorie count, and in a change from the norm NJ is doing better than I am and is being a lot stricter with himself.

So anyone out there that has found a good way of changing your eating habits please let me know how you did it.


One thought on “Body Image

  1. You’re lucky you’ve always been about the right weight for your height. I’ve usually been a stone overweight – and since the kids came along I would probably now fall into the obese category. But this year I’m fighting my way back to normal weight and good health. I wish I knew a secret to share with you.
    What I’m doing is Googling the number of calories I need to maintain my current weight (try and then I’m dropping about 500 calories a day from that total.
    I shifted 12lbs in the first few months of the year. I’ve stuck for a little while, but I’m back on track now and determined to be a healthy size by the end of the year.
    Your situation doesn’t sound as desperate as mine. Don’t get too worried about it. I bet a month of healthy eating could get you back to normal. Good luck x

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