I have finally made the ultimate parental fail, I slapped my eldest because she had been winding me up all day and I snapped. It is an unforgivable action that a parent can do, made even worse by it being me that was angry and cross and it not actually being about what she had done.

I have apologised, and she hasn’t been ignoring me, so hopefully it has affected me more than her, not that it makes it better.

I no longer know how to discipline my children, and my anger seems out if control. AJ and FJ refused to get dressed this morning which meant we didn’t go out (which was their aim), but how do you make a 9.5 yr old do what you want them to, when they seem to have lost all respect for you and have no regards for other people’s feelings.

So I am now failing terribly as a parent and I no longer know how to claw back the respect that a child should give their parents, (the only saving grace is that up to now she behaves perfectly with others) they were both told no electronic toys for the rest of the day, but they just went and found other things to play with, so that didn’t work!

Any suggestions would be great, recriminations for my actions will not help I already know what a bad mother I am.


2 thoughts on “Failed!!

  1. I was beaten by my mother, and hate any form of physical violence towards children. Swore I’d never lay a finger on my own kids.
    But give yourself a break. I’ve suffered PND, and I’ve snapped on occasions and smacked my children. They were being very naughty and I lost control.
    I’m not saying it was right. But I am human – and it has happened rarely.
    My mother made no apologies for hitting me regularly. In fact, I think she enjoyed it.
    The fact you are racked with guilt – as I have been – means you are a good mother. You are determined not to do it again.
    All you can do is start afresh and be the best you can be.
    As for them showing no respect, I’d say talk to them. Share your feelings and fears about their behaviour, and give them a chance to tell you why they are acting up. It could be a ploy for attention.

  2. I do hope that you are feeling OK now and not beating yourself up. We are all human and we do make a hash of things from time to time. As to getting your kids to do stuff tlak to them tell them what is going on and ask for help from them give them autnomy and they will rise tot he occasion. They won’t be angels over night but as I said we are all human!

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