Rainy Days – ColourMeInRK

Rainy Days – ColourMeInRK

Yes I know, we are not having rainy days at the moment (I think  that is all set to change by the weekend!), but the clever people at Kellogg’s have replaced their usual Rice Krispies box for one that can be coloured in by your bored children on the inevitable rainy days that will come and that we have had!

I was one of the lucky Britmums who got sent a big box of Rice Krispies and an excellent bumper colouring case with 58 different pens, pencils, glitter glues and markers. I was very excited when the box arrived, I’m not sure who was more excited about the colours, the kids or me, as it had those colour changing pens that I have not seen since I was a child, I still think they are great and if you get the chance to buy some, your kids will agree.

As there are 3 children in this house, I knew that there would be an argument about who coloured in the box, so before they were given anything I went to the Rice Krispies Website  and downloaded some more pictures and printed them to card for the older 2 and to paper for the youngest. I told them they could colour in these however they wanted and then the 2 older ones would have to do the box together, although as the end of term came and cards for teachers had to be made and then the weather has turned the box is yet to be finalised!

They were as excited as I was about the colour changing pens, and got down to colouring straight away, I have to say it was lovely seeing them so engrossed in a project and excited about colouring in Snap, Cackle and Pop!

AJ finished her creation first, and I think she made a very good job of it, what do you think?

FJ wasn’t too far behind, a full range of different colours, what else would you expect from a 5yr old?

And finally TJ, she got bored quite quickly with the colouring in, especially as I wasn’t allowing her to use the new pens, she is far safer with the crayola washable pens, that are truly washable (they even wipe off with baby wipes!) especially when she decides to colour in her face. (she is after all only 2).

I think these activities are great even if the sun is out as when the heat gets too much the children still need something to occupy them, I think next time we might even try sticking sequins or felt or some other material on them and see what we come out with.

This post is for the BritMums #ColourMeInRK competition, sponsored by Kellogg’s, why not pop over to Britmums and see how you could join in too?


3 thoughts on “Rainy Days – ColourMeInRK

  1. Oh wow, washable pens? I haven’t come across these hence the reason why my clothes and house are often coloured with random streaks from my son’s over zealous attempts at drawing. Heading to amazon to look them up!

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