Baby Steps

I’ve been AWOL recently with linking up to Groovy Mums, it was nothing personal, I just didn’t seem able to blog for awhile. I am now back to it and have an urge to keep writing.

In a change from my normal Groovy Mums posts I am not going to respond to the challenges, I may do that later in the month.

In an attempt to ‘find me’ I have decided to take on a couple of new ventures / responsibilities, by taking these on it means that I will hopefully find time for me and not just the mummy / wife person that I have become.

I am now the treasurer of the local Baby & Toddler group, it is not a huge undertaking, except a bank account needs setting up as the last one was closed 12 months ago and a new one never got opened. Which I am pleased to say is under way, with my fear of forms I rang the bank up and it was completed over the phone so now there just needs to be signatures put on and some information sent and then it will be all done. On a weekly basis I just need to tot up the weekly subs and make sure that anyone who needs paying (rent, refreshments, craft etc) is paid and go to committee meetings. Up till now the group has been fairly laid back, so I hope I am not too organising for them, I just can’t seem to help myself and it makes me feel good when I start to organise things! It is just a pity that I can’t organise myself and my house in the same way!

My other venture is truly just for me, no child involved, as I will be selling Phoenix Cards it is truly an excellent way for me to get back into doing a small amount of work with no pressure to reach targets. Many of the home selling companies want you to make so much money within so many weeks and that is something I wouldn’t be able to do or commit to doing. With Phoenix Cards you sell as and when you want and put in as much or as little effort as you want. I plan to start small by selling to friends and family and the toddler group and then as TJ gets older and spends more time at playgroup I may be able to go to other local groups and sell to them too. I know that to start with I will make very little money, but it will be something that I am doing and it will hopefully keep my mind ticking over and feel a little more involved with life that I have done for quite some time.

So I am taking baby steps towards some normality and hopefully in a couple of months time when the school holidays are over and my venture has begun I will be able to come back to Groovy Mums and report that things are going well, but please do not hold your breath as life has a funny way of making things difficult for me these days.

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