The School Run

What is your school run like?

Before we leave the house I am often over stressed as we are late leaving and at least one of the 3 is being difficult! At that moment I have no idea how the next 15 minutes will go, it might be calm, it might be continued shouting (by me!), or crying (not by me!), or there might be laughter, or chatting or even a game happening.

On many occasion I am dealing with the fights of my older 2, usually regarding who walks on my right side (next to the wall), and then the pushing and shoving ensues, with me having to drag them apart. Which is not what I want to be doing at 8.45 in the morning! After that I am usually shouting at FJ to get a move on, as he starts to walk slower and slower!

Today, however, was a good day, we did leave the house late, but AJ and FJ were playing a game. I’m not quite sure what it was, but at one point AJ was saying that they had to only stand on the pale bits (this was the areas that had dried from the rain) which was ok in some places, but in others the rain had hardly dried out! I love it when they get on and are full of imagination on the way to school, they have no toys with them, it’s just pure imagination, that takes them on a journey from home to school. There does seem to be an unspoken rule that the game ends when they walk through the gates, as it never seems to continue, on either side.

Do your children have time to use their imagination before school, or is everything a real rush, and then everyone thrown into the car?


One thought on “The School Run

  1. For us walking to school (or home) is never a chore. We love going to school and have little rituals that we have to do. I think that it’s the parents who do rush everything that are missing out on some fabulous quality time.

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