Z is for ?

I am a day late with my last post for the A to Z Challenge, and Z is a difficult one, there are quite a few words that I like that begin with Z, as they sound like they are (if that makes sense?). Words like, Zest, Zoom and Zig-Zag are all zappy words but they are not words that I could write much about.

Then there is Zoo, which, whilst I like going to Zoo’s and seeing the animals and giving my children the chance to see animals that they will not get much chance of seeing otherwise, I do feel uncomfortable sometimes seeing animals in small enclosures and wonder how happy they actually are.

Zebra’s are an animal that fascinates me just because of its colouring, they look like they should be all cute and cuddly, but apparently they are not and will not be domesticated.

Finally Zero, I now have Zero posts to do, I have managed to get through the A to Z Challenge in one piece, it’s not always been easy, but I have mostly enjoyed it and mostly got my posts out on time (except when BT took several days to reconnect us!), and I hope people have found them interesting.

Next week I will be joining in with the reflections post to say what I thought of the challenge and what I would do different, so come back next week and see what I thought and any changes I would make when I do it all over again next year!


I hope you enjoyed reading this post, I would love to know what you thought.

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