T is for Tenerife

Way back before we had children NJ and I went on a brilliant holiday to Tenerife, we stayed in a 4 Star hotel, DBB. It’s the last holiday we had before I was pregnant and were able to just indulge ourselves and do as we pleased. This meant quite a lot of time on the beach sunbathing, going in the pool and drinking lots of nice alcoholic drinks.

Thinking of this holiday always brings a smile to my face, the weather was brilliant and where we stayed was the best hotel I’ve ever stayed in (admittedly I’ve not stayed in very many!). The food was lovely and the service impeccable.

Even now as I write I have a smile on my face, and I also remember that the first part of the holiday I was full of cold so could not smell or taste anything, isn’t it strange how my mind has focused on the positive and good side of the events and the downside has been pushed aside. I wish I could use that ability on a daily basis!

NJ and I hired a jeep for the day to go up Mount Teide, we decided on a Jeep as we wanted an open roof, none of this air conditioning rubbish, what a mistake that was! It was a very hot day and the drive was a difficult one (not that I was driving) so in hindsight a nice car with air conditioning would have been much better! I don’t remember much about the visit, except the amazing views which definitely compensated for me being terrified on the cable car that got us to the top!

I don’t remember going on any other trips whilst we were there, I think we walked quite a bit and just enjoyed the sunshine, I’m sure NJ will enlighten me later of what I have missed out.


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