Rest and Relaxation

Rest and Relaxation

R is for Rest and Relaxation

Rest and Relaxation is the key to a healthy mind, and whilst I know this, it is something that I still struggle with allowing myself that time to just rest, relax and not feel guilty for doing so. It is hard as a parent to find the time to sit down and spend time on yourself, you life is looking after the children, making sure their needs are met and then making sure that the house is kept in a reasonable state.

I have learnt through being ill with depression that it is important to make the time, and I am realising that I must find that time. This blog is some of my relaxation, but it is not restful, as I need to think about what I am wanting to write about and make sure that what I write makes sense. I think the only time I actually rest is when I am in bed, I can feel my body relaxing into the bed and finally letting go of all the worries of the day and all the madness that is going round my head.

In an ideal world, where I had extra money then I would book myself in for a massage every few weeks, I would love the chance to switch off and spend the time on myself. However I live in the real world and at the moment I can’t afford it, so I will have to hope for a good summer where I get the chance to sit outside and enjoy the sunshine on my face.


One thought on “Rest and Relaxation

  1. if you have a smartphone, try an app called ‘simply being’ – it’s guided meditation and you can set it for 5, 10 or 20 minute sessions. It’s really helped me especially because I don’t feel like I need to set aside loads of time – just 5 minutes here and there to decompress. I use it at work sometimes to get some headspace too.

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