P is for Parties

In years gone by if I heard there was s party my first thought was having a good laugh with friends, lots of alcohol and the chance to find a bloke. How times have changed, now however party means balloons, party hats, party games, soft drinks, sandwiches and drying the tears of someone who hasn’t won this time (usually FJ).

Children’s parties are great, they are mostly full of excited happy kids, laughing and doing that jumping thing that they call dancing!

The food is still very similar to when I was a child, triangle sandwiches, crisps, sausage rolls and little sausages. There is always some cucumber and tomatoes and sometimes even some pizza!

What tends to be missing theses days is the jelly and ice cream, not that I mind as much as I like jelly & ice cream I don’t like the mess it can create with 30 excited 5 year olds!

AJ has tended to opt for parties at home with proper party games, pass the parcel, musical bumps, Simon says, pin the tail on the donkey etc. but many of her friends have had a wide range of parties, from tennis to pamper parties. This year she will be 9 and she is going for a trip to the cinema and pizza hut to eat, much less stress for me rather than arranging a party!

FJ had his first party last October when he turned 5, we followed tradition and he had a party for his whole class, for him we hired the church hall and an entertainer, the theme? Pyjama party! His next party will be at home with a few friends, not sure how I will cope with a room full of 6yr old boys, but I’m sure I will survive!

So what is your favourite type of party, do you go all out for your children?


I hope you enjoyed reading this post, I would love to know what you thought.

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