K is for Kittens

K is for Kittens

Our house is full of kitten fever at the moment, we’ve been discussing getting a kitten for almost a year now and finally we have decided that the time is right (with the added help of my CPN who suggested a kitten might be good for me!). That decision was made on Friday 30th March, and we started looking at the different RSPCA centers near us straight away (NJ and I are kind of impulsive and we want things NOW). Unfortunately there were no available kittens in our area, so we would have to wait.

After continually looking all weekend on the RSPCA sites, because we all know that when you keep looking at something it will change, there were still no kittens. Yes I do know that kittens grow into cats, and we could get a cat, but we had decided on a kitten, we thought it would be good for the kids to learn how to look after a kitten / cat from the beginning.

Our luck seemed to change on Monday though, I looked on one of the RSPCA sites again just before 5 and there were 2 kittens! After a bit of discussion with NJ over Gchat I rang up and was stunned, but pleased, that they were still available. The kittens were with a foster family and it took me an agonising 3/4 hr to get through to them, there was no answer machine so I couldn’t leave a message!

NJ wanted me to go and see them, so off I went with the destination in the Tom Tom! It was a fairly easy drive, but the estate they live on was not easy to negotiate and I ended up going the wrong way!

Once there I just cuddled the kittens, they were so cute, I told them we weren’t sure if we would have the both, which they were ok with. I chose one, paid a deposit and completed a form, and asked to go back and see her with all the family.

Tuesday came and by lunch time NJ’s work colleagues had convinced them that we should have both kittens, a bit of debating later we decided we would have both. I rang the foster mum and luckily the second kitten was still available, apparently if I hadn’t phoned till later we would have missed out!

So within 5 days of agreeing to get a kitten we had found and had reserved not 1 but 2 kittens!

On good Friday we all trundled off to see the kittens, I wasn’t sure how the kids would be, but they were all great and the older 2 held one. I hated having to leave them, but we can’t have them till they have had their first injections.

Next stop was the pet shop, we needed a litter tray, bed, cat litter, blankets, bowls, mat for food bowels and toys. Unfortunately me managed to forget a brush! So another trip is needed and a scratching post to be made by NJ or bought. Will need to get food, but want to see what they are eating first.

So the family is now on countdown for 21st April when we will hopefully get the kittens and our life will once again be changed.

Can you tell I am sooo excited!!! and a little bit in love with my new kittens?


5 thoughts on “K is for Kittens

  1. Kittens! I love them so. Careful with two, though, if one is male and one is female you might end up with 36, which is what happened to us once… Ack!

    Good luck with the challenge!

    Dianna Fielding

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