J is for Jokes

J is for Jokes

J is for Jokes

I think most people like to have a good laugh, but what makes us laugh with be different for each person, I like simple jokes, the sort of jokes that kids find funny. AJ and FJ have been in to telling jokes recently so I have had a look on the internet and to brighten up your day here are some good plain silly jokes.


What is white and goes up?         

 A confused snowflake!

What happened to the wooden car with wooden wheels and wooden engine?     

It wooden go!

What happened to the wooden car with steel wheels and steel engine?   

It steel wooden go!

Alan: Harry, I’ve lost my cat!   Harry: why don’t you put some signs up?              

Alan: Don’t be silly, my cat can’t read!!!!

What did baby corn say to mummy corn?                                                                            

“Where’s popcorn?!”

What is a slug?                                                                                                                                 

A snail with a housing problem!

What’s brown and sticky?                                                                                                                 

A stick!

How do you make an apple puff?                                                                                               

Chase it around the garden!!

What kind of animal goes OOM?                                                                                                

A cow walking backwards.

Why didn’t the dinosaur cross the road?                                                                              

Because roads weren’t invented yet, silly!

What do you call a dinosaur without any eyes?                                                                


What do you call a fish without any eyes?                                                                                         


What do you call a deer without any eyes?                                                                             

No eye deer

What do you call a deer with no eyes and no legs?            

Still no eye deer

What do you call a spider without any legs?

A current

Why does a Koala carry its baby on its back?         

Because they can’t push a pram up a tree!!!

Why do birds fly South in the winter?       

Because it is too far to walk!

What animal goes qu-ick qu-ick?                

A duck with hiccups!!


Do you have a favourite silly joke?


I hope you enjoyed reading this post, I would love to know what you thought.

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