H is for Holiday

H is for Holiday

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H is for Holiday

When I think of holidays I always imagine a white beach with clear blue sea, the air is warm and the atmosphere is calm and quiet. This is just a dream as I have never been privileged to holiday in this environment, I have had a few holidays abroad, but most holidays have been in the UK.

As a child I always had a two-week holiday in the summer, we went the first two weeks in July as most other schools were not off then, but Leicestershire was different and it meant it was cheaper for my parents, we holidayed under canvas untill I was 11 or 12, and the we progressed to cottages. I think I had my last holiday with my parents when I was 17, my sisters were no longer holidaying with us and I think I found it quite lonely that year.

Whilst I was at University I never went on a summer holiday as I always worked throughout the summer to try to get some money together, and I guess life was fairly laid back when I was at Uni that I would never have contemplated a holiday anyway, (and funds would never have allowed!).

When I left Uni and moved in with NJ we didn’t actually have a holiday until our Honeymoon, but from then on we have always made sure we have had at least a few days away, and since having children we have had a summer holiday every year either 1 or 2 weeks away, mostly in the UK, but we have had a couple abroad.

For me holidays are important, they are a time away from your normal life, before mobile phones, it was also a break from contact with others (now I would feel lost without my phone!). When I worked it was a welcome break from the stress of the office environment and also the daily routine of alarm off, get up etc etc. Now that I am not at work it is a welcome break from the normal household chores, a chance to share the childcare and cooking and the organisation that being part of a family entails.

The best thing about holidays though is spending time with the family, just the immediate family, husband and kids, no friends or in-laws, or parents. We do have short breaks with friends and in-laws, but my summer holiday is mine to share with NJ and the kids. We get the chance to relax the rules on bedtime, on mealtimes and we get the chance to just be together and have some fun.

One day I will get to lie on that golden beach, but I know that I will have to wait and so until then I will continue to enjoy my holidays, which are now under canvas and enjoy seeing my children enjoy their summers.

What do you think about when you think of holidays?


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