G is for Girls

G is for Girls

G is for Girls

I have been blessed with 2 beautiful girls, AJ and TJ. They are 7 years apart (with FJ, a boy, stuck in the middle), but pictures of the 2 of them at TJ’s age are almost identical and it leads me to wonder what TJ will look like as she gets older, I do hope that she will develop her own look and people will not call TJ, AJ’s sister. I was always known as NE’s sister at school as we looked so alike, but there were only 2 school years between us so were often at the same school at the same time.

I have digressed, this is supposed to be a blog about my 2 girls, they are beautiful, clever, funny, charming, and when they are like this they make me smile and feel full of love for them. They can also be moody, stroppy, scream, stamp, and tantrum like the best of them, when they are like this I try to disown them, I try to leave the room and let them get on with it and I also try to count to 10 and then deal with it in a sensible manner (remember I said try!).

AJ is the older of the 2, she will be 9 in 6 weeks time, I am really unsure where the years have gone, it’s quite scary to think that in another 9 years she will be 18! She is very pretty (yes I know I am biased), she has lovely dark blonde hair with natural highlights (I would love her hair!), and lovely blue eyes like the rest of the family. She is clever, and works hard at school, that’s according to her teachers, as we don’t see that side of her at home! She is very helpful at school and apparently doesn’t partake in  any gossiping, which I am grateful for, although all that could change when she goes to middle school.  She is very good at gymnastics, and showed a flare for it at 5, and quickly progressed, we do however often have arguments over her going or not going as sometimes she wants to be really good without the hard work and being pushed by her coach. She loves her younger sister and sometimes doesn’t want to let her go, which doesn’t always go down too well with TJ.

TJ is the baby of the family, she will be 2 at the end of May and its sad to think that she is growing up and we will no longer have a baby in the family, but we have definitely finished with the baby thing, its time to move onto the next stage. TJ is very cute, she has the same blue eyes as the rest of the family and has a really cheeky smile, one of those smiles that is very infectious which means you can’t help but smile with her. She is small, the same as AJ was, but is very strong and I would not be surprised if she decided to follow in AJ’s footsteps and take up gymnastics in a couple of years. She is more clingy to me than the other 2 were, but I think this is because I am at home all day with her, whilst the other 2 went to nursery 1 day and to grandmas for 2 days, I love it when she wants cuddles and wants to be with me, however some days I do tire of her needing me constantly and I am unable to get anything done.

I love both my girls (and my boy) equally, although I did struggle at the start with TJ (see my blog for my journey with PND), but now I can often find myself filled with love for them all and just want to hold onto them tight and never let them go. I know having girls will mean that as they get older I will worry about what they are doing, where they are and who they are with, it’s a natural instinct to worry as a parent, and I often think girls are more vulnerable than boys and they are often easily led.

Our house will soon have 2 more girls in it, in the shape of kittens, but that will be talked about when we get to letter K!





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