F is for Friendship

F is for Friendship

Without friends life for me feels very empty, I spent several years after University and before having children without any friends close by and it felt quite isolating. I was lucky to have NJ to talk to, but female conversation is always a must for me and even though I had friends at work I didn’t manage to forge any long-term friendships.

Things changed after we have moved to a new village and when AJ went to school, I quickly became friends with my daughters best friends mum, I’m not sure how it all began, but I guess we must have had a similar outlook on life and we enjoyed each others company. She was very accommodating when NJ was still recovering from his hospital stay and often had AJ round for tea, which really helped me as FJ was still under a year and meant I had a bit of time to do other things without having to do the school run.

In the last 12 months I have also become very friendly with 2 mum’s that have children the same age as TJ and FJ, they have both suffered with PND so we are also a support network for each other. I believe that by become friends with these 2 mum’s I managed to deal better with my depression as I was getting out of the house more and talking to other adults more.

Like animals we all have different personalities and crave certain things, some people are solitary beings and have no need for social interaction. I, on the other hand do, I have an inbuilt need to talk to other people. It does wane slightly when I am depressed, and I tend to only wish to talk about myself and how I am feeling, or not talk at all. But as a general rule I like to talk and find it difficult if I have no interaction with anyone all day.

I now have 3 very good friends who live in the village and this generally gives me the social interaction I need, it has also created friendships for NJ in the form of my friends husbands!


I hope you enjoyed reading this post, I would love to know what you thought.

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