E is for Emotions

E is for Emotions

E is for Emotions.

When you hear about someone being emotional it is always assumed that they are sad, unhappy, crying (continue with your own negative emotions here), but emotions are about all our feelings, so this includes happiness, laughter and so forth. I don’t think I was aware of this until I went on a ‘Skills Course’ with the Psychological Services discussing mindfulness and many of the traits found with depression. The mindfulness part made me realise that I often think of emotions as a negative thing, but it’s not, it’s also about being positive.

Positive emotions give us energy, help us feel alive. They help others to know that we have enjoyed an experience or a gift that has been given. Laughter is a great positive emotion as it is so infectious, and the laughter of children is brilliant, I’m currently smiling thinking about it! When positive emotions are flowing you begin to have fun, which triggers more positive emotions.

Yesterday when the snow came egged on by my 22 month old (TJ) we went outside (all four of us, AJ, FJ, TJ and me) and had a snow ball fight, then we did a tiny bit of sledging and then we built a snowman (we had to get it all in as the snow was unlikely to last). I had great fun, I didn’t worry about the children or me getting wet and could have stayed out longer had TJ not started to get so cold. I realised for the first time in a long time I was having fun, I was not being dragged down by negative emotions and I liked loved the feeling.

Back at the start of February when I was having far to many negative emotions I wrote a post about things that made me smile, I don;t want to re-write it so if you want to know what makes me smile take a look here.

When I think of positive emotions these are the ones that spring to mind; Laughter, Smiling, excitement, Joy, Happy and Pride, I know there are many many more and it would be great if you could remind me of them below in the comments, so I can turn to them when the negative emotions start to creep in.


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