I think my Groove is returning!

I think my Groove is returning!

Tuesday came and went for me this week, so I am ‘grooving’ on a Wednesday again! This week (Wed to Wed) started with glorious sunshine, I spent the morning outside with TJ gardening and having our mid morning snack on the decking soaking up the rays. Today, I spent the morning having a snowball fight, 5 mins sledging and finally building a snowman! It was very strange to wake up to thick snow when we haven’t really had any this winter, FJ was very pleased as he has wanted to have a snowball fight all winter.

I have been fortunate enough to have 2 nights out this week, the first on Saturday with NJ and another couple, we had a lovely meal and great time was had by all, I was the driver for the night, but it was still a great night with lots of laughter. I then went out on Sunday with a very good friend, we hadn’t managed to meet up in the week for a coffee and with the Easter holidays here we weren’t going to manage to meet up now until after the holidays, we needed a catch up! So we went for a drink, I only had 2 glasses of wine, but I was definitely tiddled, I felt like a teenager again having the giggles, but I had a great time and hope that we manage to have a night out again rather than always just having a coffee with TJ in tow.

So onto Kate’s Questions for the week, if you are new to this then have a look her and see what Groovy Mums is all about: Kate on Thin Ice

1. Body – Do you use or would you consider using complementary therapies?  Is it time you looked into them further?  If anyone has any tips around help for pre-menstrual tension or tired all the time feelings, do let me know too.

Complementary therapies are not something that I have really thought about, I know that reflexology is supposed to be good for stress and depression, but I don;t really know that much about it. When anyone has mentioned or suggested these things I always think about how much they will cost, when money is tight, it feels a bit of a luxury to have ‘complementary therapies’. Will be interesting to see what others have to say.

2. Mind – Have a think about what topic/s you would like to see covered in the next Groovy Mums Twitter Party and let me know via comment, tweet, dm or email to kateonthinice@gmail.com

I will have a think about this one, and let you know.

3. Spirit – Easter is just around the corner.  What does it mean to you?  I am planning a little bit of fun on Easter Sunday but more of that later.

I’m not too sure what Easter means to me any more, when I was younger I was in a Church choir and so Easter meant lots of services and lots of lovely hymns and anthems, not forgetting a couple of Easter eggs. Now however the spiritual side seems to have disappeared and I just think of it as time for us as a family and hopefully enjoy some good weather, of course Easter would not be Easter without some chocolate.

4. Blogging – Check out some of the nominees for the MAD Blog Awards by clicking here http://www.the-mads.com/ and don’t forget it is not too late to nominate your blog or the ones you love.  What I love about the awards shortlists is how they make you discover new blogs and then new blogging pals.  There is a badge in my sidebar if you would like to vote for me.  There is absolutely no pressure though.  I would much prefer to be nominated on merit and not to have to sell my soul.

I’ve not made any nominations yet for the MAD’s, I do plan to, but just need to put some time aside. I have put myself forward too, but think I need to be blogging a little bit longer to actually be known well enough to get on a short list.

5. Charity Connections – This week, if you have not already done so please join the Charity Connections Group over on http://britmums.com and please read this positive post http://kateonthinice.wordpress.com/2012/04/02/are-you-the-one-mum-that-can-make-a-difference/ about how things ARE changing for the better in Africa in so many ways and then consider signing  up to support ONE.  I know some of you have done so already and thank you for that.  It is a great way to help our Groovy Mums sisters in Africa.

I am already a part of the Charity connections on Britmums, I will have a look at ONE and see what it is all about, and make a decision then. I am realising as I am slowly making my recovery that it is okay to not say yes to everything, especially before I know all the facts.

6. Special Days –

Each year on April 7th, the world celebrates World Health Day. On this day around the globe, thousands of events mark the importance of health for productive and happy lives.  That seems to tie in quite nicely with the whole concept of Groovy Mums.To reduce child mortality, improve maternal health and combat HIV/AIDS, malaria and other diseases are among the Millennium Development Goals which all Member States have pledged to meet by the year 2015.

Again I will have a look at this one, and see what it is all about, time is short at the moment due to children running round all day, and creating WWIII!!

7. – Big Question – Do you have the right balance in your life?  Do you know what that would look like?  How could you achieve it?

I don’t think I have yet got the right balance, but am starting to realise that a balance is needed and I am starting to work towards being a wife, mum and me, I hope that soon I will be able to be all 3, and not feel guilty for being ‘me’.

One last thing for this week is the news that we have reserved a couple of kittens that we should have before the end of April, we have talked about getting a kitten for the last year and now feel we are ready to take on the challenge, also my CPN said it could be good for me as its something for me to concentrate on, but also they can be quite soothing when you are stroking them. We planed to get just one, but there were 2 going and after firstly saying we would have just one, we changed our minds and have gone for 2! We just have the dilemma of names now, any suggestions greatly received.

Are you a mum that needs to find their own groove again? Check out Groovy Mums and join us in the journey to fin yourself again.

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3 thoughts on “I think my Groove is returning!

  1. We were adopted by a cat a few weeks back we’ve advertised her as ‘found please come claim’ but she’s made herself at home I’d be upset to see her go. She’s been a real calming influence and without sounding batty she has provided me with company during the day and eased some of the loneliness I was experiencing.

  2. See this is why Im convinved we need a cat to come and love us here ! I always think of complimentary therapies of a bit of a luxury too I tried homeopathy for a while (went along to a student training so it was free and I didnt like it to be honest). haing a look at the mads nominees now . Happy Easter from peaches and the littles xxx

  3. The kittens sound lovely, we recently got a dog and I would hate to see him go, My son with aspergers was petrified of them and started not wanting to go outside so we bit the bullet and got a dog – kill or cure. he now loves to just sit and stroke him, its so therapeutic and its more like Little Man and his shadow now!

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