C is for Camping

C is for Camping

I was torn on the letter C for the A to Z blogging challenge, Children (I have 3 to talk about), Cats, Chocolate (I am rather partial to Cadbury’s Chocolate), Countryside or Camping? Whilst I can become somewhat addicted to Chocolate I also know it’s not great for me so whilst I am being positive it has to be Camping so;

C is for Camping.

As a child summer holidays were spent camping, and my memories are from age 5-10 where we went back to the same campsite in Anglesey, North Wales. The site was very basic, just toilets and showers and somewhere to freeze your ice blocks, and all those years ago EHU was not something that those camping under canvas would have. We camped in a big field, usually as far away from the toilets as possible, and usually as far away from other campers aswell. I have very fond memories of my camping holidays, days spent on the beach and walks through the countryside and then having barbecues for tea. I know that I am viewing this through rose-tinted glasses and there will have been times when I would have argued with my sisters (and my mum & dad), but for me they were great holidays.

As a new family unit we went on our first camping trip last July / August and had a great time. The weather was kind to us (which I think helps), but it was just so relaxing. The children could run around outside whenever they wanted, with no worries of cars and, unlike being in a static caravan (our previous holidays) we were most definitely outside for as long as possible. We are gearing up for our firstcamping holiday of the year at the beginning of June with another family and I can’t wait to just get there and be able to relax and watch all the kids play. We still need to find acampsite for our summer holiday, but I think we will be ok not booking for another couple of weeks.

Are you a camper? Or is the idea of sleeping in a field just too much to consider?


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