B is for Babies

B is for Babies.

Babies make me smile, I  love seeing new-born babies, there is just something about these small beings that ensures a smile will cross my face.

I am now past the baby stage (only just), and have realised I do not get broody when I see one of the smile makers, but, still I can not help myself when a baby comes in to toddlers, I have to go and see it, and I will often find myself smiling when I see one when I’m out and about.

I think the thing with babies is the miracle that they are just mini children / adults, all the fingers, toes, eyes, ears and nose are perfectly created. This tiny little thing has grown inside another human being and each baby is a miracle.

So do babies make you smile, or do they make you run a mile?


3 thoughts on “B is for Babies

  1. The best thing about babies that aren’t your own is that you can give them back, when they cry, are sick or have left you a little message in their nappies.

    The problem with your own is they grow up!

  2. Babies make me smile all the time. I can’t help communicating with them through eye contact. I notice most people don’t do this, so maybe I’m strange. But they’re adorable.

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