Grooving on a Wednesday?

Grooving on a Wednesday?

Kate has taken it upon herself to confuse me this week by having her Groovy Mums post on a Wednesday, she has sighted a ‘Twitter Party’ that apparently trended in the UK at number 2, she has said that there was a lot of discussion going on about mums trying to find their groove. You could take a look at this post where she talks a bit more about it here Twitter Party.

I am of course not being serious, Kate has been great at setting up Grooving Mums and it was brilliant to be involved with the party and see it trending at number 2, in 6 short  months Kate has helped herself, me and several other mums start to think about themselves rather than just being a mum. For me she really made me think that there is more to life than just being a mum and that thinking about yourself can actually help everyone within the household.

So to me; after having a major blip in my recovery recently I am pleased to say that I am finally starting to feel more positive, and with this comes to the ability to see things in a better light. I am sure that it is no coincidence that this has come at the same time as this wonderful weather we have been blessed with, as I am sure that most people are given a mood lift when the weather is so good and there is more chance to get out in the open.

I am trying to take one day at a time, I am aware that last time I started to feel very positive I took far too much on too quickly, thinking that I was much better than I was, I am sure this did in part lead to my recent downfall. I am not going to go headlong into anything, I am not thinking about the future (such as a career) but I am thinking about my garden, I have spent several hours over the last few weeks weeding the very overgrown flowerbeds, and it is very satisfying to step back and see a tidy bed, even if there are no new plants in it. I have plans for the different flower beds I have and I hope that by the end of the summer I will have managed to sort out the garden, as last year it was sadly neglected!

I am also going to try to make time for me to blog, I really enjoy writing and putting down how I am feeling or talking about events that have happened. I also enjoy reading other blogs, but need to give myself time to read them without children wanting me for various things, which means I never get round to commenting.

I think that is two good  ‘groove making’ things for now, taking one day at a time, and I hope I will finally start to see an improvement in my mental health and possibly a sign that I can start to live with and move on from this illness.

Now to Kate’s challenges for the week (if you want to know more about Groovy Mums click here )

1. Body – Are you looking after yourself enough?  I am aware that I am really neglecting taking steps to deal with my pre-menstrual tension.  I am sure lots of mums have stuff that they really should do to care for themselves better.

I wasn’t taking care of myself at all for a while, it was especially food related, I was eating everything and anything that was sweet, and most of the time I wasn’t even hungry! I was eating biscuits, chocolate, Nutella sandwiches and when it came to meal times they were often full of processed type foods and fruit and vegetables were an alien concept. I  realised that things had got very bad when I was peeling a carrot for the kids dinner and also peeled one for myself to eat raw, my body was craving healthy foods, and from then on I have been much better. I have now cut out all the rubbish, I am managing to not eat biscuits unless I really want one, (which I haven’t) and have snacked on fruit instead. I hope that this has contributed to my improved mood, it has as yet not helped with how tired I keep feeling.

2. Mind – What are your current thoughts and feelings about the Groovy Mums blog hop and/or the Twitter party.   Blog about it or leave a comment.  I sense we are moving into a new era with new participants and want to ensure we keep on a track that is still positive for people.

I love the Groovy Mums linky, it helps me keep focused on the journey I should be taking and where I am up to, I know I don’t always link up, but that has been when I have been in a really bad place and words are just not forth coming. I like to have challenges or questions each week as it gives me something to focus on, but I am quite relaxed about what form they take.

The Twitter Party was brilliant (I think I’ve already mentioned that!) and would love to see another one, but I think monthly would be enough as it is time-consuming and its going to take me a few days to read back to catch up with the parts I missed, I also think monthly will keep people looking forward to the next one, rather than something that becomes a chore.

3. Spirit – Do people find the spirit challenges helpful?  They are quite hard to come up with and I am aware that some find them uncomfy particularly if they do not have a faith.  What do you think?

For me this is a take it or leave it question, I think I have left a reply most times I have joined in, but it’s not necessarily something I would miss. I think many people could find it difficult if they are not religious, especially if they are very anti-religion.

4. Blogging – Please do take a look at the Brilliance in Blogging Awards shortlist over on Britmums.  I found it lovely to discover blogs that I did not know about.  We can all learn from and with each other.

I have been pleasantly surprised by how many new blogs I have seen by reading through the short lists for the BiB’s, and that was just with a quick look through some of the categories. I need to go back now and have a proper look. I am sure that there will be some that I will being to follow. Congratulations to everyone who was short listed.

5. Charity Connections – Do think about supporting National Daffodil Month and raising funds for the Marie Curie nurses.

I have been very fortunate so far in life that no one close to me has been diagnosed with Cancer, however I have heard so many stories of people struggling with Cancer that I always like to try to support  a charity like this one where I can. I won’t be making ny grad gestures, but will look out for the daffodils on sale and get myself and maybe the children one too.

6. Special Days – How are you sleeping?  It is National Bed Month and you can find out more on good sleep by clicking here

For me sleep is drug induced, which on the surface sounds good, but in reality it is not. I still wake feeling rubbish, especially if I have a night full of weird dreams. I can take a while to drop of now my body is used to the medication and I also keep waking in the night (something I used to do pre-medication). At the moment I don’t think there is much I can do except try to clean my mind before I go to bed.

7. The Big Question – Why do you set limits for yourself?  Are you setting them too low?  I ask this as over the last 6 months I have realised that when I start to reach out, good things come my way.  That can happen for you too.

Not sure on this one, not sure how to answer. I have found that when I take on too much at the moment I tend to crash and burn, so I think I need to set myself limits to ensure that I can stay healthy mentally. I hope though that as my mental health improves so will I be able to increase any limits I might have set myself.

That’s me this week, I hope you have been inspired to join in, but if you are still unsure then take a look here and see what Groovy Mums is all about.

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11 thoughts on “Grooving on a Wednesday?

  1. I really related to the ‘I’m feeling a lot more positive so let’s do a b c d etc’
    Small steps, a day at a time, but no we run at full steam ahead and really don’t last long or get very far, do we?
    The trouble is it is in our nature and we can’t change who we are. The secret of course is to not to feel guilty, if you do too much then crash and burn, at least you did something.

    1. Thanks, you are right of course it’s the guilt that is the problem. But have chatted to hubby and am going to be doing baby steps for now (just need to remember!).

  2. Oh I am having the biscuit battle too! I use eating to pass the time/ relieve boredom. Not sure I even notice them going in til packet empty. I am new to groovy mums and one of my challenges to myself us to sort out my diet. Goid luck to us both! Xx

    1. Thanks for the comment, I am actually feeling pleased with myself at the moment as I have managed to not eat any biscuits recently, if you put your mind to it you will manage it too!

  3. Its great to see people feeling more positive as a result of Kate’s efforts. I wish I had the willpower to stop the biscuit munching too; I seem to find so many excuses not to do so…

    1. I have been that way with the biscuit munching for months, but now I have managed to take a step away from the biscuit tin, thank you for taking the time to comment.

  4. munching crisps as I comment. You are pretty self-aware you know so you will be OK and sometimes absolutely marvellous. You make me smile how you say baby steps and then keep taking on all the challenges.
    I am going to get some vitamins to help with my moods and fatigue. Do you take anything?
    Marie Curie were fab in the last week of my mum’s life and really made it easier for myself and my Dad, well you know what I mean, easier is probably the wrong word.
    Love it when you link up and understand when you don’t.

    1. Thanks Kate, I have started taking some multi vitamins as my nails are awful at the moment, I’m not convinced they are making much difference at the moment, but will give it a bit of time. I think with vitamins, its a case of just trying, it won’t do you any harm. Evening primrose oil is supposed to be good for PMT.

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