The past couple of weeks have been difficult, actually that’s quite tame, its been extremely hard work especially this past week. I really want to blog, but am struggling with finding the words to talk about how I have been and what has happened.

I have to make apologies to Kate On Thin Ice and Pea Green Pantry as I should have linked up to their linky’s this week, but have just not had the mind space to be able to write, and for that I am sorry as they are both great linky’s. I hope that this week things will be easier and I will actually find the right words to type.

Today has been a bit of a mixed bag, TJ has mostly been sleeping on NJ, with a very high temperature and a nasty cough, luckily she has managed to eat and drink, but it’s always a worry when they are poorly. However I have also managed to do some gardening, the sun was shining and I did some weeding and planted some lovely viola’s in some pots. It was great to be outside and to hear the kids voices in the garden. Now though I am tired and feel the need for my bed very soon, even though it’s not even 9.00!

Next week I want things to be better, to be able to put my thoughts and feelings onto the page again, and join up with linky’s. What I won’t do though is put pressure on myself, I know at the moment I need to be ‘kind to myself’ and give myself space to recover from this big blip that I have found myself in.


3 thoughts on “Words

  1. Hey,
    Firstly, no need for apologies whatsoever 🙂 you can link up (or not) whenever you feel like it!
    Secondly, I hope your wee ones recover soon, It’s awful when they’re ill – so much worry & disruption to routine on top of everything else we’ve got to deal with. I’m glad you got some gardening done, I did the same too. Lots of ladybirds!
    I hope this week is better for you too. No pressure is definitely a good idea!
    Take care x

  2. Acknowledgement I find is always the first step and then tackling one issue at a time, try not to do a bit of everything all at once

  3. I hope the sun keeps shining over the next few days and you can get outside and soak some up. It doesn’t make everything magically better but I always feel a little better after getting a bit of fresh air and sunshine.

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