Healthy Eating (or lack there of!)

I know all about health eating, I know what is good and what is bad (well like most of the population) and at the moment I don’t have an actual weight issue, but what I do have is an issue with food in general.

I seem to go from eating anything and everything in sight and by that I mean the unhealthy food, not the apples and grapes that are staring at me! I am eating cereal bars, biscuits, slices of bread and Nutella, chocolate basically anything that is sweet I am eating it. This is in total contrast to what I was (or wasn’t) eating 2 weeks ago.

2 weeks ago I was eating only when hungry, and that wasn’t very often, and was saying no to biscuits, crisps and chocolate! I spent most days drinking tea and coffee, I was by no means starving myself, but I also wasn’t being sensible about how and what I was (or wasn’t ) eating!

I know all this is to do with depression, either over eating or under eating, but I also know that eating as much processed food as I have been is not good for my mental health, physical health or my energy levels!

I KNOW what I should be eating, I know what is healthy and what isn’t but what I don’t know is how to change my mind-set to stop the bad habits. So if anyone has got any good ideas on how to progress that would be great. Ideas of freeing the house of all the ‘bad’ foods will not work, with 3 children to feed and lunches to make there needs to be a certain amount in the house, I also don’t think they should suffer because of me.

One other thing, I have done this before, cut out all rubbish, so I am capable, I just don’t seem to be able to get off the starting blocks this time!


11 thoughts on “Healthy Eating (or lack there of!)

  1. Wow I could’ve written this!! I can do well for a week or so as like you say just not be hungry then be just craving biscuits (like right now) and getting in a guilt ridden tizzy over a bloody chocolate digestive! No tips from me so hardly any help but I’ll be lurking for replies from others!!! X

  2. I always feel as though we’re on the exact same journey – same vehicle & everything. I’ve been so worried about my eating this week too. I know you’ll pull it back around because you clearly have before.
    I really do think you are great & definitely want to see you feeling a tad happier sooner.

    1. Thanks, having read your recent post (will comment later) it sounds like you are having the opposite problem in not eating at all, that never seems to happen to me. I will get there at some point and so will you. We can support each other in the ups and downs of this rubbish illness!

  3. I do know how to help you lovely ….. what you need to do is work out your top 3 life priorities (blog post being published in about 10 minutes). Then link eating healthily to those priorities and the things that you love.

    I’ve got a bit of an experiment going today to see if I can help people using a combination of blogging and Pinterest (I’ve tried Facebook before, but it doesn’t help). So I’d love to see if I can help you, especially after you’ve done such a grand job this week with the mental health blogs.

    I describe the linking exercise in my book, and also on my website and done a video of it. The video is about weight loss – ignore that and think ‘healthy eating’

    I’ll try to remember to check in and see how you are at the end of the week – but just give me a nudge any time that you need help xxxx

    1. Thanks for taking the time to comment, at the moment though I am struggling with feeling that anything is a priority! I will keep hold of the thought though, and maybe once my medication has been sorted I might be able to get a hold of the idea.

      1. No probs lovely – the post shows you how to find priorities, so you can come back to it when you fancy it another time.

        You’re right though that what you eat will affect how you feel about yourself – mainly because if it’s high fat or high sugar it will affect your insulin levels and hormones.

        So I wouldn’t worry about how much you are eating at all – we all go through stages where we eat for england for a bit and then get it back under control – and as someone else mentioned, the ‘control’ can be of concern anyway. Instead I’d recommend that if you find yourself eating stuff that is high in sugar or fat, that you balance it by at the same time eating something the Glycaemic Index calls ‘green’ – like fruit, vegetables, low fat proteins etc. If you want any more info about that sort of stuff there’s loads on my blog and I’m often on twitter, so ask away xxx

  4. If you don’t have a weight or physical health issue then carry on. You’re eating when you’re hungry and leaving the food alone when you’re not.
    Your body and mind will tell you what you want and when you want it.
    Your eating habits sound no different to mine.

    1. I wish that was the case, unfortunately I am eating whether I am hungry or not at the moment, I just have this urge to eat. I think I am better off when I am in the mind set to not really eat!

  5. Hi,
    I do exactly the same thing as you. When I’m feelin ok I just eat normally but when I’m low I’ll either starve myself or eat everything in sight. I have a real yo yo diet.
    Being seriously stressed at the moment I am over eating, infact I’m tucking in to a tub of Ben & Jerry’s while writing this.
    I normally find that in a few days, if I start to feel better I just go back to eating normally. I don’t really know if there is any solution to it? xgx

    1. Thank you for the comment, its good to know that I not alone in my unhealthy eating. I have actually done better over the last few days, although have had a nice big piece of cake whilst out with a friend (it would have been rude not to!). If you do discover a solution, please let me know!. X

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