1 Year Blogaversary

1 Year Blogaversary

So I have been blogging for a whole year today, when I first started blogging it was a new world that I knew nothing about, now I have found some lovely communities that have helped me through some difficult times.

I started blogging to help me come to terms with a traumatic birth and subsequently suffering really bad PND, I also wanted to be able to help others that may be suffering the same and could maybe find some comfort in my words that they were not alone.

I have found it very therapeutic writing my blog, but it has also been a real eye opener to how many people sufferer with a mental illness, whether that be PND, depression or Bipolar (and any others in there too). I have realised that mental illness affects nearly everyone’s life in one way or another, yet it has still got a very big stigma attached to it.

It has been lovely to get so many comments of support especially during my darker days, I hope that as I become stronger and more positive I will continue to get support and more comments.

As I enter a new year with my blog I hope to continue linking up with Kate on Thin Ice and the Groovy Mums, its been a great place for me to think about myself and the ways in which I can help myself become ‘me’ again. I also want to add more pictures to my blog, I love looking at photo’s and making them different using the various apps and websites that are out there. As always I will blog about how I feel, whether that be positive or not, but I also want to write some more posts that are about PND and depression in general to hopefully highlight to others what it is and how it can affect anyone.

It will be interesting in 2013 to see if I have kept up with the blog and how I have changed.

I have also decided to change how my blog looks again, would be good to know what people think.



5 thoughts on “1 Year Blogaversary

  1. Congratulations on your 1 year anniversary. So many blogs don’t make it this far so you have already proved you have stamina and determination. I’ll be interested to see what the coming year brings 🙂

  2. Happy Blogaversary. I am new to blogging so haven’t followed your journey – until now. I’m pleased to hear that your blog and the community you’ve met through it have been a help. I’m staggered by how friendly and helpful bloggers are – so lovely.
    Congrats again

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