Our Half Term Break

Our Half Term Break

The kids broke up on Thursday 9th and we have had a lovely half term, (or so it appears) this is what we did:

Friday: We went to friends in the morning and in the afternoon the older 2 watched the Smurfs DVD and really enjoyed it.

Monday: We had friends round for lunch, which was actually provided by the, which was very nice, AJ played with her best friend and I nattered to her mum whilst FJ watched a DVD and TJ slept.

Tuesday: The kids spent the day with grandparents, they seem to have done quite a bit with them & had a really good day. I had a day to myself and had intended to have a stroll round the shops and then a coffee in one of the nice cafe’s, that didn’t happen. I did manage to watch a DVD and read some blogs.

Wednesday: I looked after a friends little girl who is the same age as FJ as she was working. We did some sticking, some drawing, had a walk to the swing park and then they just played. When mum came to pick up we had a coffee & a natter.

Thursday: AJ was invited out with a friend bike riding & a picnic. F had a pyjama day and we did some more sticking. Then in the afternoon whilst TJ slept FJ helped me make a chilli and then watched (another!) DVD.

Friday: We went to friends this morning, kids played dressing up and had (mostly) a good time. I had a natter & a coffee with the mum’s then we had lunch. This afternoon the kids played on the computer and then they watched a DVD.

The kids say they have had a good holiday and we have been kept busy. Unfortunately I don’t feel at all positive about the break, I feel they have watched too much television / DVD’s and I’ve not interacted with them enough.

Whilst I still worked I really wanted the opportunity to have the holidays with the kids, to be able to do activities and have fun. But I’ve not enjoyed the time, on many occasion I just wanted to go back to bed, or just leave them too it (I wouldn’t before anyone starts to ring SS!). My mood is really low and I just haven’t got the energy to enjoy being with them. I just hope that come Easter my mood will have picked up and I can actually enjoy the days and do some special things with them.


2 thoughts on “Our Half Term Break

  1. That sounds like half term to me. I’ve been doing half term since my son was 5 that’s 15yrs now if half term. Envying everyone else’s plans, their trips to a little Gite in France, Disney in Paris, plans for activities, trips to the zoo and worse the after effects of half term in the playground 1st morning back of their stories of arts and crafts, baking and the new skills learnt scuba diving lessons, hang gliding….ok I’ve gone too far, but how many people do you actually know that do any different from what you’ve done? Some people do amazing things with their kids but they usually have a lot more money to do these things with and they don’t have an amazing once in a life time holiday every half term.
    Kids need time to switch off, to sit do nothing. Remember they are on half term because they are at school, with strict timings, learning new skills, occupied all day. Tired. As much as you want to stay in bed and break from the normal routine, so do they and do some of the fun things ghat a school day doesn’t allow, like stay in their pjs, cuddle up with mum, eat junk food and veg in front of a tv.
    I think you’ve had the right mix, a few non forced activities, time with friends & family and more importantly the kids say they’ve had fun.

    1. Thank you for your comment, I think you might be right that not many ‘do’ lots of things, and it is actually about the children, and if they are happy being at home, then maybe I’m not doing things that wrong. Some of my problem is that I think too much about how other people view me and believe that they will always see the negatives that I see. Thanks for helping me see that the children may actually like being at home and just playing. X

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