Not Really Grooving!

Not Really Grooving!

Last week I didn’t manage to join up with Grooving Mums, I definitely didn’t feel Groovy at all, or in any way working towards being grooving! I also didn’t seem to find the time to even attempt to join in. However this week I am going to join in, I’m still not really grooving at all, but maybe joining in will help my mind start feeling groovy again.

If you are not sure what Grooving Mums is all about (where have you been?) the take a look here and see what Kate on Thin Ice is trying to help us mums do.

So here are these weeks challenges / questions (not compulsory)

1. Body – do you love or loathe your body?  Celebrate the fact you are a mum by posting here

I’m not a huge fan of my body, mostly the area I dislike is my stomach (like most mums!), I’ve never had a flat stomach, but have always desired one, even though I know it’s not something we can all have. I was lucky in my pregnancies that I never got stretch marks, but I do feel that after my 3rd pregnancy my stomach is more wobbly. I am unsure though if this is because I had a section and felt unable to do exercise for quite some time, and even now I am not getting going with the exercise lark.

2. Mind – who is setting the standard?  Is it too high or too low?

Not sure about this one and what Kate means by it, but I know that I am setting my own standards for myself too high, I expect myself to be perfect, to have the perfect house, be the perfect friend (that everyone wants to be friends with), the perfect wife, the perfect mummy, basically I want to be the best at everything and I don’t come anywhere near my own standards and this is something that I know I need to work on.

3. Spirit – take time out today to reflect on lost loved ones and to remember those for whom Valentine’s Day will be particularly sad this year.

I am very fortunate at the moment that I have not lost many relatives yet, and as yet I have not lost any friends. However I know as my parents and in-laws get older this is something that will come at some point and actually worry more how my children will cope with the loss more than my own loss. I know a few people who will have been alone this Valentines day, but not well enough to know if they are happy or not. I would like to hope that if it was going t be a difficult day for them that close friends would have rallied round and given support.

4. Blogging – write a love letter and post it.

This is a hard one, I will have a think and see if I can manage to write something.

5. Special Days – It is Valentine’s Day.  Show yourself some love this week.  Buy yourself some flowers or do for yourself what you can imagine the world’s best partner doing for you.  Why not?  Go on, do it and see how it feels.

How I would love to do something for myself, in fact I did have a day to myself yesterday (Tuesday) but I actually did not do what I had planned. My plan was to go to the local town, have a look round the nice little shops, check out the charity shops and even have a coffee whilst I was out. All I managed was a trip to the bank, a quick walk round and then straight back home. I felt unable to go into the shops, I didn’t want to have any interaction with anyone, or feel obliged to buy anything. I did manage to watch ‘Dirty Dancing’ though in the afternoon (whilst blogging!) and that was nice.

6. The Big Question – Do you love yourself?  If yes, tell us how and why.  If not, why not?

My mood is low so at the moment nothing would feel good and loving myself is not something I can do. I am hoping that once I have had a review of my medication I can begin the journey to learn how to love myself as it’s not something I have ever been able to do. I am not entirely sure why I have never loved myself, maybe I am just a negative person, or maybe I have never learnt how to be happy with myself. This is something that I hope my children will learn, that they are special and beautiful and no matter what they do they will always be loved and should always love themselves.

So that is me for this week, I have not done anything recently that is helping me move forward with my Groovyness, my CPN has also recommended that I don’t try to take anything on at the moment or agree to anything. Just because my mood is so low and I am struggling to carry out the basics at the moment and there is no point in making myself feel worse by failing to do something I had originally agreed to.

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5 thoughts on “Not Really Grooving!

  1. Thanks for making the effort to link up. It was reading your last post that made me think of how hard we often are on ourselves in terms of standards.
    Dirty Dancing is a treat so it counts a loving yourself for a bit of a day anyway. Well done you and also on commenting on all the challenges, part of that perfectionist streak in you.
    Thanks for the comment on my blog post today too. Might have to have a rethink as nobody agrees with me so far.

  2. Its really good that you have taken time out for yourself to answer the questions thats a really positive step when your feeling down and hopefully has really helped you xx

  3. Morning! I have awarded you with the Liebster Blog Award today, after receiving the accolade from a fellow Mumsnetter. Check out the post at and copy the button to your blog with pride! Take care.

  4. I can empathsie with quite a bit of what you say. You are taking the righ steps though and glad you have joined in with this, I am finding it a huge help including the fantastic support I have got through it x

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