Mental Health Carnival – Posts needed

Mental Health Carnival – Posts needed

At the beginning of January, when my mind was less messy I agreed to host the Mental Health Carnival in February for Carol from Dance Without Sleeping and as it is something I believe must be talked and read about I am still going to host the Carnival to the best of my ability.

What I now need is lots of people to get involved and send me a link to a post that you would like included in the carnival. I am aiming to get the Carnival live on Wednesday 27th February so it would be good to have all links by 22nd February to give me chance to put it all together.

If you want to get involved please email me .


9 thoughts on “Mental Health Carnival – Posts needed

  1. Hi Kate,

    I’d love to be involved, but being a mental health carnival virgin (as it were!), can you let me know more about the range of articles you’re looking for? That way I can select something(s?) suitable.



  2. Just had a look at the previous Mental Health Carnival and would love to be involved in this one. Especially as I am running a series called Breaking the Code of Silence that is dedicated to removing the wall of stigma surrounding mental health issues, brick by brick.

  3. I am very new to blogging, but came across your thread on Netmums, and I am very keen to be involved. PND and mental health is something that affects so many women and a huge proportion of these ladies’ do not ever get properly diagnosed for fear of the stigma attached to the illness.

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