I am still struggling with my mood, and life is difficult at the moment for no particular reason it just feels that way. Anyway I thought to try to see the good side of life I would write down things that I like and make me smile, something to maybe look back on to cheer me up.

My kids laughing, and smiling:

I love to hear them playing together and giggling, there is something special hearing a childs laugh, the best time is when all 3 are playing something together and they are all laughing.


I love all sorts of flowers, it’s always nice to get a bouquet, but I also love flowers in the garden, lots of bright colours, big and small. Its coming to that time of year when the crocuses and snowdrops start to pop out, even some daffodils might be seen soon. It always makes me smile to see lots of colourful gardens on the school run.

The smell of cut grass:

I don’t know why but I love the smell of cut grass, maybe it’s from childhood or maybe its just that sense of spring / summer is here?


Hugs are good anytime, TJ gives little hugs and it is so cute, it always makes me smile even if I’m just thinking about it.

My wedding day:

I loved my wedding day, from the moment we were ‘married’ I smiled all day. There are no false smiles on my wedding photos I was just so happy that we had finally got married. The day was brilliant with all our friends and family and everyone said what a great time they had. I would do it all over again if I could.

I’ve decided to have this as a linky, I know there are lots of people struggling at the moment and thought it might be good for us all to share what makes us smile. Hopefully it will make us smile for a least a few minutes of the day.


4 thoughts on “Smile!

  1. You have a lot to smile about! Hugs, giggles, family & friends make for a very happy life. Throw in the flowers and the smell of freshly cut grass … just perfect x

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