Trying to Groove Again

Trying to Groove Again

I’m late taking part this week with Grooving Mums, hopefully I won’t get a black mark for it!

I’ve definitely lost my groove at the moment, it got up and walked off a couple of weeks ago and hasn’t been seen since. So if anyone does see it on their travels please send it my way!

The only thing that I have managed to achieve is to work with NJ to get the last of the stock from The Toy Forest live on the internet today (Sunday) so we can try to make some sales, but also to actually be finally rid of the stock in the house, and the reminders of my failure to have a successful business of my own. The products are all lovely so it is something that I am quite sad to be letting go, but I know that for my mental health it is the right thing to do. If you want to have a look at the products this is the link The Toy Forest

So whilst I am desperately seeking my ‘groove’ I will take a look at Kate’s challenges and see if anything will help or point me in the right direction.

1. Body – Sign up to do a Sports Relief Mile.  Check out    There are challenges of varying types for different levels of fitness so do take a look whether you are a rampant runner or a slouch potato.

Unfortunately I won’t be partaking in this, I think it’s a great thing to participate in but this year I am putting all my efforts and pleading for money from unsuspecting relatives towards The Joanne Bingley Memorial Foundation.

2. Mind – Do you have a favourite artist?  Would you like to know more about art?  How can you incorporate more art in your life?  Blog about it and tell us more.

I don’t have a favourite artist, it’s not something I am that bothered about. I do like looking at art, but I am more into prints and photos than actual paintings.

3. Spirit – Have you ever meditated or found other ways to calm the soul?  Is this something you might like to investigate further?  Tell us about it and then we can all learn new methods that might work for us.

I’ve never  meditated, but over the last 12 weeks I have been on a skills course with the psychological services that incorporates Mindfulness, which is not meditation but it’s about focusing the mind on the here and now. Its is based on the Buddhist way of thinking and meditating. The theory is really good, but unfortunately I’ve not managed to put it into practice yet. I am hoping that if I keep reading through my notes then I will eventually be able to put it into practice in everyday life.

4. Blogging – You are a woman and you will have women in your world, alive or dead, who matter to you.  Why not write 90 words (or more or less) about her and link up to this charity blog hop for Breakthrough Breast Cancer? Cllick here to take part or to read stories of some rather wonderful women

I think this is a great blog hop and have already joined in here

5. Special Days – It is National Storytelling Week and you can find out more here  Why not ring the changes and write up a short story on your blog?

I would love to write a story, I think it is something that I will think about and maybe take up the challenge at a later date as my brain is not fully functioning at the moment.

6. The Big Question – Who are you?  Take this as you will.  Blog about who you are or perhaps write an “About Me” page for your blog.  Is it easy or challenging to say who you are?  What can you learn from that?

I think Kate’s given us a hard one this week, I’m not too good writing about myself, but again I will try to take up the challenge this week and see what I can come up with.

So that’s me this week, I’m hoping that my groove comes back soon and then I can start moving forward again. I’ll have a look at some other posts and see if they can inspire me with some groovyness.


7 thoughts on “Trying to Groove Again

  1. Thanks for continuing to link up as I know it will be an effort when you are feeling less than groovy. I get a sense you drive yourself very hard. Maybe you need to ease up on yourself a bit. Who said you had to be perfect? Was it you? Why not trying yourself something else? Good Luck with the involvement with the Foundation. Also just thought I would highlight that Alistair Campbell is answering questions on depression over on @Britmums this week in the forum and they are struggling to get questions for him so if you have any, he is likely to answer them. Have a better week if you can but stay in touch anyway. We are all in this together.

    1. Thanks Kate, I know its me that thinks I need to be perfect, but not worked out how to believe I am okay as I am yet! I will take a look at @Britmums and see what its all about, I’m sure I can come up with something for him!

  2. It must be the time of year. So many people I know are not feeling particularly groovy at the moment, including me. I haven’t posted for a couple of weeks just because I don’t feel I have anything worth writing about at the moment. But I’m feeling more positive today and it sounds like there is a bit of a lift in your mood too. I look forward to reading your short story when you post it.

  3. Sorry to hear you are not feeling so great. I often lose my grooving way too and everything feels like such an effort. I know with depression that your thoughts get locked in a circular pattern and mindfulness may really help break the cycle.

  4. Your skills course sounds really interesting, and challenging. I think it’s so difficult for a mum to think in the ‘here and now’ because generally, we always try to think at least 2 steps ahead!

    It must be disappointing about the toy sales, but you can’t win em all. The fact that you’re putting your mental health first shows that you are successfully prioritising your day to day life, which isn’t an easy thing to do when you’re feeling low.

    Good luck this week xx

  5. I’m sorry to hear you’re not feeling groovy. The fact that you’ve even written this post is a good start though (I think). It’s great too that you are focusing on the Joanne Bingley foundation and trying to help others, even though you might not feel the best yourself. Again, this is a really positive thing to do, especially if you don’t feel groovy. So, despite everything you are achieving things and helping others. So don’t be too hard on yourself. x

  6. Sorry to hear you aren’t feeling on top of the world. Even though this particular business hasn’t succeeded – and it is tough times out there – you will have learnt so much from running it, that perhaps when you are ready, you can turn your hand to another business. Don’t think of it as failure, think of it as something that you tried, that didn’t work out. Read any of the books by top entrepreneurs and you will see that they have all had businesses that didn’t succeed. The reason they are successful overall is because they learn an move on – and don’t beat themselves up about it. I know that is so hard to do – I have my own set of monogrammed boxing gloves to beat myself up with, though they are spending increasingly lengthier amounts of time in the back of the cupboard these days – but with all the other positive stuff you have going on, you will soon turn the corner x

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