Getting Grooving?

Getting Grooving?

Once again it’s that time of week when I look at Getting My Groove Back, although I have realised that over the last few weeks I have said very little in how I am trying to get my groove back and just answered Kate’s questions / challenges. This week then I will start with what I have been doing to try to find my Groove.

Its been quite tough this week emotionally, ending with feeling really down yesterday when I wrote the post Dark Pit but today has not been quite as bad, although I do feel tired and drained. I think it helped that I spoke to one of the psychologist facilitating on my Skills Course and I also wrote the post, sharing your feelings really does seem to help relieve you of some of the darkness. Anyway onto how I have been getting into the groove (well at least trying to anyway!)

1. I’ve been to a fundraising meeting with The Joanne Bingley Memorial Foundation, there were 6 of us there (just the right amount for now) and we put together ideas for the coming year of ways to raise awareness and raise vital funds at the same time. It was great to be doing something new and I am hoping that this will get my enthusiasm back at some point.

2. I am still going strong with the local Toddler Group, although I seem to have great ideas about what we should be doing, it soon seems to come round to Wednesday night and I have achieved very little in the way of a welcome letter.

3. NJ has bought me a Kindle with a bright pink case, I am really pleased (although I seem to have not been outwardly excited about it!) and am currently reading my first novel on it, this is a time for me and its a good break from playing silly games on my iPhone.

Kate’s Challenges!

1. Body –  This week, there is a campaign about eating a healthy breakfast for 5 days.   Give it a go and tell us how it goes.

My Breakfast is not that bad, more or less the same and the brain power it takes to have something different, and then the kids want something different I won’t be going there. It will be interesting to see what others manage to do though.

2. Mind – It is Chinese New Year and I have just opened my fortune cookie.  What I want you to think and/or blog about is if you had a guarantee that the fortune in your cookie would come true in the next 12 months, what would you want it to say?  You can do something down to earth, humorous or something obscure and Confuscious like.  It is entirely up to you.

This is actually a hard one,can I have 2? Probably not, but I am going to be naughty and have 2 fortunes as I can’t decide which would be better.

1) I would love my fortune cookie to tell me I am going to get better, that the nonsense in my head was going to go and I would feel strong and confident and also able to start moving forward with my life.

I am sure this is something many people would want, money!

2) I would win the lottery, or come into some money. The as a family things could be more comfortable, we could be rid of the debts we have,  maybe even pay off the mortgage, then we would have a great family holiday like Disney Land! I could go on and on about what I would do with money, but as I don’t wish to bore anyone I won’t!

Having written both of these down, even though money would be great, me being well would benefit everyone too so I will opt for better mental health.

3. Spirit – Sticking  with the Chinese New Year, what animal are you?  If you don’t know, look it up for fun.  Does the description of the animal you are ring true?  Which animal would you like to be and why? You can find all the information you need here

I am a Rabbit, and the site says “Rabbits in the Chinese zodiac are considered friendly, artistic, compassionate and thorough. Watch out for laziness, self-indulgence and moodiness in Rabbits as well” I think this about sums me up!

4. Blogging – Have you heard the wonderful and rather exciting news?  What do you mean “Yes, I have as Kate just won’t stop going on about it!”   I am now a member of the Britmums team with a great initiative that will make a real difference too.   Read all about it by clicking here

Your blogging challenge this week is to join Britmums if you have not yet done so and then join the Charity Connections – Blogging It Forward group on there.  Don’t just join but get involved in some of the already fascinating discussions taking place on there.  Have your say at

Brilliant news for Kate, and I was already a member of Britmums, and joined up with the Charity Connections group as soon as I found out. Some interesting comments from people, really making me think about charity work. However I think my main focus will be with The Joanne Bingley Memorial Foundation, but it will be interesting to learn how others blog for charities.

5.  Special Days – As I have already mentioned special days in this post, my challenge to you is to make one day this week really special. How you do that is up to you.  Will it be a day out?  Some one-on-one time with your partner?  You decide.

I don’t think we will manage one whole day, but we are going out on Saturday to a friends for dinner with another couple, we always have a good time, so I will let you know next week how it went.

6. The Big Question – This challenge is the one that is aimed at making you think deeply.  Of course, the big questions come to me in all sorts of ways. This one came whilst watching Dancing On Ice on the telly because I am a very deep philosopher lol.  Take it in whatever way you see fit.  Let it mean what it means to you as an individual.  So the question is, have you lost that loving feeling?  Whether that is for yourself, your partner, your child, your job or whatever.  Reflect on it in a way that is meaningful to you.

My first reaction was that I have lost that loving feeling for myself, but then on further thinking I am not sure I have ever loved myself. I know at the moment I am not too keen on myself, I could and should do so much more! I do still love NJ and the kids, although I think I may need to be more open with NJ about how I feel, actions speak louder than words and all that!


So thats me, for the week, the kitchen challenge has failed, I am back to struggling to keep things tidy, I didn’t even manage a full month! I’m not going to set myself any challenges at the moment as things are tough emotionally at the moment and I don’t want to put pressure on myself and I will just see what I manage to achieve by next week.


3 thoughts on “Getting Grooving?

  1. Thanks for taking part. I always like it when you do and miss you when you don’t. I guess we might meet soon through the Foundation. That would be nice.
    I would go for mental health over money every time although financial worries can take their toll on mental health.
    My Dad is a Rabbit too and at first I thought it all fit him except the arty bit and then remembered that he painted for years. Amazing what you forget.
    Loving oneself is a tough challenge. I get that one.
    I really struggle with housework but am finding that if I do it in little bits, I can actually do it and then feel a bit better about myself too. Of course, with children it is a constant battle -that is normal.
    Sending a virtual fortune cookie wishing you a lighter week ahead

  2. Hope you enjoyed your dinner with friends. I think I need to accept that I am pretty depressed and it might be time to do something about it but agree with you that writing things down does help, even if at times its more writing it own for only you to read. I find talkign to the dog seems to be my thing at the mo, he gives me great sympathetic looks (probably thinking the poor cow, she is completely mad).

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