Where has my Groove Gone?

Where has my Groove Gone?

Another week, another Grooving Mums post, if you want to find out more about it then visit Kate On Thin Ice to find out more.

This has definitely been a week of 2 halves, last week and into the weekend I was full of optimism, I felt like I could take on the world. I was enthusiastic about most things, and felt strong enough to start taking on new things and even considering what type of career I wanted to get into once TJ went to school. Unfortunately by Sunday evening optimism and enthusiasm felt they needed a break and up and left. I wish I knew why, but I just can’t work it out. There seems to be nothing specific that kicked it off, I just seemed to get a wave of unhappiness flow over me and it seems to have stayed.

So I’m not being that Groovy at the moment, although aside from a minor 3 day blip in the kitchen I am still managing to keep the kitchen tidy and suitable for visitors to see at the drop of a hat.

Kate’s challenges for the week, some harder than others to reply to!

1. Body – How are you sleeping?  Do you qualify as sleep-deprived?  Are you a mum to a baby who just isn’t sleeping through yet?  What toll is that taking?  Do you have older children creeping into bed with you?  What does your bed look like?  Is it comfortable and supportive enough?  Could you give your bed a makeover in some way perhaps with scented pillows or a colourful bedspread?  Could you have a nap at some point in the day?  How can you ensure you get better quality sleep?

At the moment I am fortunate that I take some medication to help with my anxiety and  my general mood but it also helps me sleep! When I first started taking it well over a year ago it knocked me out within about 10 mins, it was great. However it no longer has quite that effect, but it does mean I mostly sleep through the night. I have always said that my bed is my bed, and I don’t share it with anyone, well except NJ, but I don’t think he would be too impressed if I made him sleep with one if the kids. So I am not sleep deprived, but am starting to feel weary at the moment as my mood is slipping and it seems to be sapping my energy at the moment. I love our bed, it’s a nice big king-size bed that means me & NJ don’t kick each other in the night and the kids think its great as a trampoline!

2. Mind – Our children have reward charts and get stickers when they do well?  Could you play with this idea and create your own chart or adapt a child’s one?  What are those things that you know you should do but don’t seem to get around to?  How can you motivate yourself?  In my continuous attempt to get mums to say good things about themselves, why not tell me what you deserve a reward for?

This is quite apt at the moment as AJ & FJ have recently got chores charts, whereby they have to do certain chores like laying the table, clearing the table and emptying their lunch boxes to get a sticker. Each ticker is work 5p and at the end of the week we add them up and see how much money they get. I am hoping that eventually the chores they are doing will become second nature, but it may take some time! As for me I have been inspired by a friend to have some notebooks for separate jobs, so we currently have a list for housework type things, cleaning bathrooms (yes I need reminding) hoovering etc and then such things as tidying certain cupboards out. Then we have one for DIY and Garden jobs, some for me & some for NJ and I have also got a list of jobs for money jobs like completing my tax return (what joy!). I am not doing great at getting them completed but at least they are there and in one place.

3. Spirit – Is the spirit willing? You can respond to this one in whatever way you see fit.

Hmmm, if you had asked this last week I would have given a very different response. This week however my spirit is definitely not willing! I was full of life and ambition last week, full of that real ‘me-ness’ and somehow that spirit that I had found has got up and gone, maybe I was over using it, and it felt worn out? Or maybe it had such a shock to be around me that it needed some space? Whatever the reason is, its definitely no longer with me.

4. Blog – Have you attended a blogger event?  Have you met any bloggers in the flesh?  Would you like to do?  Why is that?  I am speaking at Britmums Live so I hope some of my lovely Groovy Mums will be there to hold my hand.

I’ve not been to a blogger event and I’m not sure its something I would want to do. I always struggle with meeting new people and the idea of meeting lots of new people at the same time would really not seem like fun to me. The other aspect is the cost and leaving the kids, I think whilst TJ is still so young then it’s not something that would be easy to do. For me there is also the world of anonymity and by meeting people there would not be that aspect (although there is 1 possibly 2 people who do know me that read my blog regularly) and alongside this is the fear of people’s opinion of me if they were to meet me. It’s very easy to build up a picture of what someone is like when reading a blog, in much the same way as listening to the radio, but the 2 do not always match. I suppose its one fear or anxiety issue that I may face at some point, but it wouldn’t be at a big blogger event (but don’t quote me on that, as we women are allowed to change our minds!)

5. It is the creator of Winnie the Pooh’s birthday this week.  So, as a bit of fun, why not work out which Winnie the Pooh character you are most like and why?  It might help you to discover what is great about you and also the things that you could usefully change.

Having had a look at the characters I have not been able to work out which one I would be, I am possibly a cross between Eeyore – the pessimist and Piglet – the anxious one.

6. The Big Question – How is your sex life?  Oh, I know we are not supposed to talk about religion, sex and politics but you know me, I like breaking the rules.  So how are things in the bedroom (or your venue of choice)?  Has sex become a chore? Do you find it difficult to make time for sex?  Are you too exhausted for sex? Have you managed to spice up your love-life?  Be brave and reveal all on your blog or just do some quite reflecting on this issue.

I think this is one that I will leave in the bedroom, apart from to say that NJ thinks we don’t partake in his favourite activity enough.


For me this week it will just be about trying to find ‘me’ again, I have a meeting about fundraising for The Joanne Bingley Memorial Foundation  on Sunday so lets hope I have got some enthusiasm back by then, or I won’t be much use.

I’m off now to see what everyone else has been up to, hopefully more than me!


7 thoughts on “Where has my Groove Gone?

  1. Lots of what you say here resonates with me. I don’t find it easy meeting new people either and my attendance (and speaking) at Britmums Live might be a total disaster but I reckon I won’t know unless I go and try it. You are obviously trying new things (like the Joanna Bingley group) too so don’t go beating yourself up.The ups and downs emotionally everyone has to some extent and you and I probably have a condition too that exacerbates the swings. But we know it, we live with it and we have the great times too. Well done on keeping your bed for you and the other half and they always want more!!!!! Eeyore is my character I think and he amuses me no end.
    I love it when you join in #groovymums and lovely of you to tackle the challenges with such gusto.

  2. I’m not good at meeting lots of people at once either, I’m much better in smaller groups or individually. I’m not good at those “stand and chat” events at all, so I know what you mean. I hope your enthusiasm returns soon, you still write beautifully even if you are feeling a bit down and lethargic. We all go through these phases, just seems that some have deeper dips than others. Best wishes. Polly

  3. It’s funny how our bodies do this to us. One day full of the joys of spring, the next, totally floored. I hope you feel better soon – the swing from feeling great to the wave of sadness sounds very tiring, so please try and get as much rest as you can (in your wonderful king sized bed!).

  4. I know exactly what you mean about blooger events…when i see people tweeting about them, begging for sponsorship and getting all over excited, i think maybe these arent the type of people for me

  5. So glad you are getting lots of sleep! I am going to Brit Mums this year but I am feeling nervous about it – it could be a really dumb thing to do! Like you say, what will people think of me? Writing does speak loudly and you do build up a picture of the person on the other side – you come across as lovely by the way!

  6. It’s hard when you’ve been on a high to then feel on a low, and not be able to fathom why. Making the lists and using the chores chart sounds like a great positive step. It keeps you mindful of the tasks in hand, and is rewarding when you eventually get through a list. ( Or in my case, I just make a new list, and carry over a load of things still to do from the old one!).
    Your last comment made me smile. I think many husband’s probably feel that way about their secret activity. :0). I like reading your posts. Thank you for sharing x

  7. I could of almost written your post myself, I am waiting for counselling at the moment for anxiety, however it doesnt affect my sleep, mind you I am so sleep deprived, i could now sleep on a washing line so nothing is likely to! Lots of other things you say though resonate with me – the feeling cheery last week, and then it being long gone, the bedroom antics, the lists to clean the bathroom, my mobile is now set to remind to strip the beds, clean the bathroom etc on certain days so I do it regularly – oh and keeping the ktichen very clean for those drop in visiters!

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