New Year New Me – Week 2

New Year New Me – Week 2

So I’ve completed my first week of my healthy eating & exercise regime, and how did I do?

Well not too bad, I have eaten mostly well, Saturday I went over my alloted calories and then had a glass of wine, and then Sunday I wasn’t horrendous but did eat more than I should have done. Overall though I think food wise I have done well, I have often craved some chocolate and biscuits but have managed to battle the feelings and had an apple or some grapes instead (although they really don’t taste the same!).

On the exercise front I have not done as well, I received my new exercise DVD on Wednesday and I had full intention of using it that night, but it didn’t happen. In my defense I had been on an hours walk up a steep hill with a friend in the morning, so that may have had something to do with my lack of enthusiasm to get going that evening. However the rest of the week does not have such a good excuse, just that I never got round to it. I am determined that this week I will start doing my exercises, as I know once I start I will enjoy it and it will also make a huge difference to the way my body looks.

One really good thing to come out of this already is that we are all eating better, I have made proper meals most of the week and so we are eating vegetables more than once a week! This is especially good for NJ and I, its easy to make the kids eat well and then when we have our tea we can not be bothered so end up with a pizza or a microwave curry. Tonight’s meal is fish pie & vegetables, just hope that everyone likes it.

My challenge this week is to do at least 2 exercise sessions and continue to eat healthily.


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