Grooving Mums Challenge Week 2

Grooving Mums Challenge Week 2

It’s that time of the week again when Kate at Kate on Thin Ice  sets her linky up for Mums trying to get their groove back.

Last week my own challenge was to keep the washing up done and kitchen tidy, well it is now 12th January and my washing up is still being done, and the kitchen is still tidy – although some paper work is starting to pile up a little so need to tackle it ASAP. So I am pleased with myself and have also encouraged the children & hubby to put their dirty dishes in the dishwasher as it makes a huge difference to my workload.

Now to Kate’s challenges:-

1. Body – Lotions and Potions.  What is in your bathroom of the creams and pampering products variety.  Nothing. The same old thing or something new?  Is it time for a lotions and potions revival?

I’m not a big one for lotions and potions, but NJ did give me some nice hand cream for Christmas which is really nice and seems to be good for my hands and not greasy like so many of them are. I am more into the cheaper body washes that are on offer in the supermarket, which does mean I change what I am using every few months or so. My favourite thing though is my perfume, its Versace Woman.

2. Mind – What are the very best things about you?  Try and write down 5 of them. Now stop putting yourself down and beating yourself up.  What is brilliant about you?  You are reading this for a start but there is so much more to you.  Why not let the world see it a bit more?  How could you achieve that?

I’m not particularly good at saying what I am good at, I suppose I am always afraid that someone will disagree with me and then I will feel silly or stupid for even thinking such a thing, but as this is supposed to be about getting your groove back I will attempt some!

And there you have it, I am sat here worrying over what to write, so I am going to have pass on this one – Sorry Kate!

3. It is World Religion Day this week.  Has religion featured in your life and if so, how?  Have you left it behind?  Does it interest you?  What can you tell us about your own religious beliefs?  Does religion cause more harm than good?  Let us know what you think.

For those who would like to know about the day itself Please note that Groovy Mums and myself have no association with this day.

From the age of 11 I was in the church choir, I loved singing and also enjoyed going to church. We (myself &  my sisters) were never coerced into going to church it was something we chose to do, my parents started going to church at a similar time and from then on till I went to university that is what I did. At the moment I am not entirely sure what I believe, I believe in something as there are so many religions based around the same ‘characters’ that I think there must be something. Also most religions are based around being kind and thoughtful, treating others as you would wish to be treated. So it is in this theme that I am trying to bring up my 3, we are not a religious family, but I do teach my children the reasons why we celebrate Christmas and Easter. At some point I am sure they will make their own minds up if they wish to follow a particular religion or not and I will support them. I think what causes the harm in regards to religion is the extremists out there, in all faiths, that make people cross and angry that someone is trying to make them think the same as them.

4. Blogging – what good could you do with your blog? That’s a really open question so you have plenty of scope to answer it in a way that makes sense to you.

I hope with my blog to help myself have a place to write and express my own thoughts and feelings, it would be lovely if someone out there gets some sort of support or relief from reading some of my experiences with PND and bringing up children.

5. Big Question – who can you ask to help you?  Who can you delegate some of your tasks to?

I have never been very comfortable with delegating tasks, at home I often end up doing most things as it just seems easier, however I have just put in place a chores chart for AJ & FJ. These chores will help me, alongside helping them to gain a sense of achievement at the end of the week. I am not expecting them to toilet cleaning or hoovering, before anyone gets concerned, they are just expected to empty their lunch boxes and put their dirty dishes away (in the dishwasher) at the end of a meal. I am also on the war path to try to get them to keep their bedrooms tidy, but I think it might be a loosing battle.

Over the last few months NJ has helped a lot more with the morning chaos, helping with getting breakfast for whoever still hasn’t eaten, and all the rest of getting 3 children ready to leave the house in the morning. This makes a huge difference to me, I tend to be calmer before leaving the house and also I have time to do my hair and makeup.


This week I have started to feel more confident, feeling more like ‘me’, I remember when I was first ill with PND and a few CPN’s asked me ‘who is Kate?‘ and I could never answer them, I had lost me somewhere and didn’t know who I was. I now am able to think a lot more clearly and be stronger in situations I wish to change or help with. I am hoping to get more involved with The Joanne Bingley Memorial Foundation and hope that my new-found confidence will be a help to them.

I have also started to eat more healthily, which I have blogged about here and am going to try to update each week, so far I am doing ok!

If you are feeling its time to find ‘me’ and stop just being a mum, wife, sister, friend etc etc then link up with Kate and join the Grooving Mums.


7 thoughts on “Grooving Mums Challenge Week 2

  1. I think you should try to answer number 2 again, but to help here are a couple of things about you that I know (having been married to you for soooo long).

    You are a wonderful mum and a great wife.

    You are thoughtful and passionate about things, always willing to listen to others and give advise when asked.

    You can write a good blog post too!

  2. What a lovely tribute from NJ. There you go. I think you did write some things down and then bottled it. I know you are a good person even from just reading your blog.
    You have certainly helped me already with your posts that I have read. Feeling less alone is a very good thing.
    Try that you are honest, open, willing to share, willing to give – I could go on and on but over to you!
    I enjoyed hearing about your views on religion too and thank you for taking up the challenge to tackle one of those taboo subjects.
    Well done from one wonderful Kate to another

  3. Thank you Kate – I just can not bring myself to write positive things about me down, but I am quite good at the negative things. I will keep the challenge in mind, and maybe one day I will manage it. X

  4. Hello. I really enjoyed reading your post. I really liked your answer about whilst not being particularly religious trying to bring your children up by upholding some of the key values that religions represent. I follow a similar approach myself.
    Little things make a big difference so it’s great that you are getting some more help in the mornings too which gives you a chance to do some hair and make up. Even just a little bit of under eye concealer can make a massive difference to how I feel!

  5. Hello, visiting from the Grooving Mum’s project! A great blog post and was very moved by NJ backing you up on Question Number 2, that is one of the most wonderful things a Husband could do for you! Getting the chance to get a brush through your hair and a slick of mascara on in the morning, I have found myself can make a huge difference and I am always glad to hear from other mums that have the same problem to get the opportunity to do that as me! I too have taken a stand since December and it seems to be working. It is all too easy for us to be the ones to not get our few minutes to ourselves, but I think that ends up being detrimental all round. After all it isn’t like we are asking for a hair and make up artist to spend two hours on us a day is it! Sometimes just a five minute (peaceful, ie. child free, question free) shower is all we ask LOL!

I hope you enjoyed reading this post, I would love to know what you thought.

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