New Year New Me

New Year New Me

Along with half the population I am starting a healthy eating and exercise regime today, and in a vain attempt to make myself accountable I thought I would blog about it and see how I get on.

Most people who look at me say I am fine, there’s nothing to lose etc, and this is not a brag, but I sometimes find myself making excuses for me wanting to lose weight and tone up. I am short (hence the name) and as soon as I put a few extra pounds on it shows. I refuse to buy bigger clothes (can’t afford it anyway!) but also I don’t want to get bigger.

I have had an issue with my weight for years, I grew up with a mum that was always on a diet, she tried all sorts of different things, but one that always sticks in my mind is one that was a strange-looking drink that started as a powder! She would sit and drink that as we all ate our meals. She has always gone on about size, her’s and other people’s, and this is something that has rubbed off on me. Thankfully  I am not concerned with other people’s weight, but I am concerned with my size and what people think of me. My Dad did not help this issue, after my first term at uni he said to me ‘you’ve been eating well’  to which I said yes, and then he said it again and I realised that he meant that I had put on weight. It may have been nice of him to talk about other things first perhaps? Anyway we are adamant that we don’t want our kids to be affected by our own battles with weight so NJ and I always talk about healthy eating and what is good to eat and whats good to eat as a treat.

So I am starting today eating healthily and counting calories as I find that is what helps, but I won’t deprive myself of all things all the time, I just won’t be eating chocolate everyday or drinking wine every night! I am also going to start doing exercises, hopefully 3 or 4 times a week, which I think will make the biggest difference to me. NJ is joining in too, he needs to lose more than me, but we also want to get the whole family eating better and not as much processed food.

I am also hoping that by eating better and exercising I will not only help my body but also help my mind. y mental health seems to be on the up at the moment, but I know that exercise and healthy eating always helps.

So if anyone wants to join me on this new year new me quest then it would be great to have someone to keep me motivated.


6 thoughts on “New Year New Me

  1. do what is best for you, as long as you eat sensibly and do some exercise you’ll be fine…the actual wieght on the scales isnt the issue, its how you feel about yourself that counts

  2. Thats really good Healthy eating and excersise do wonders for the mind as well as the waist. Even walking to the park with little ones helps get some freshair and excersise. I find sipping water often has helped me feel less hungry and been good for the skin too.
    Good luck
    Cat x

  3. Hope it’s going well for you! Thanks for submitting this to the Love All Blogs Fitness Showcase. Hope you get lots of support and motivation from the LAB community! Cx

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