Getting my Groove Back in 2012

Getting my Groove Back in 2012

Its time to get back into the Groove, Kate on Thin Ice has got us going again for 2012.

I’ve already blogged about what I want to do this year, but Kate has set us some challenges to think about and see if it can help with getting us back our Groove.

1. Did you over-indulge over the festive season?  What can you do to prepare for the life-changing journey ahead in terms of improving your health?

Oh yes I have definitely over-indulged this Christmas, myself, NJ and to some extent the kids have managed to eat through 3 tins of chocolates! It’s not really our fault, the supermarkets sell them soooo cheap it would be rude to not buy a tin, and then when in the house they have to be eaten! I’ve also eaten lots of biscuits, crisps and drunk a fair bit on wine. What I haven’t eaten much of is the healthy stuff, I think more comenly known as vegetables and fruit. Somehow myself and NJ seem to get through most of the Christmas break without eating proper meals (except Christmas day). So now we are trying to focus on eating healthier, less rubbish and more proper meals with vegetables. I know that eating better is not just better for my waistline, but also better for my mind, so this week may not be the best (need to finish the mince pies and various other snacky food) but from next week I intend to keep healthy and also start some exercises.

2. What do you need to change your mind about?  Have you written yourself off in some way?  How can you shift negative thinking patterns?

This is quite an apt question this week, as at my ‘skills course’ we were talking about thoughts not being facts. I suppose specifically with the idea that most of us (that suffer with depression) have the ingrained self-doubt and loathing. I think I have started to change my way of thinking, its taking time and I know that it’s not something that will change over night, but I realise now that it is actually possible to change the way that you think about yourself. To start with for me, I think I will be concentrating on my blog, which helps me become more positive. I also hope that when I am faced with a more  difficult situation I will take a step back and not fall straight into my self doubting and blaming myself for something that has gone wrong.

3. This week, Christians celebrate the Epiphany.  Here is one dictionary definition for the word epiphany “a sudden, intuitive perception of or insight into the reality or essential meaning of something, usually initiated by some simple, homely, or commonplace occurrence or experience.”  What does this mean to you?

At first when I hear Epiphany around this time of year, I think of the 3 Wise Men and going to church. From about the age of 11 I was in the church choir, and if there was a service then I would be there. I loved singing in the choir, and do miss that side of things, but currently I am not a church goer as such not really knowing where my beliefs lie.

I think the meaning that Kate has given is the other meaning that I think of, when something suddenly seems to click and it all makes sense. I’ve not had anything like that recently, more like a gradual realisation that I am actually starting to be ‘me’ again, and the illness is loosening its hold.

4. Are you aware of all the blogging networks you can get involved with?  Is it worth you checking them out and promoting your efforts to sparkle to a wider audience?

I am aware of a few blogger networks that I have signed myself up for, although as I wasn’t blogging much before Christmas I haven’t been reading messages, or checking other blogs through them for a while. I’m signed up to Brit Mums, Netmums, Tots 100 and Love All Blogs, I’ve also put myself on some directories, but not sure if they make a difference or not. To be honest some of them I like because I can find new blogs that way, especially ones that are about mental health, I’m not sure how many new followers I have got through them.


There you have it, I have answered Kate’s questions / challenges and I hope I can manage to complete / take part in Grooving mums for the next 52 weeks.

Currently I am feeling very positive, my own challenge is to keep my Kitchen tidy and not let the washing up pile up as in the past, I have so far managed 5 days. I am hoping that by at least doing Kate’s Grooving Mums post each week it will help me to keep positive.


10 thoughts on “Getting my Groove Back in 2012

  1. Thanks for joining in. You are a valued member of #groovingmums and I know it is not always the right time for you to post and that is fine. Yes, clearing the Christmas feasting food takes time and I am putting off my fresh start until Monday when I can get out and buy some very healthy food.
    The self-doubt and loathing have definitely held me back with some of my hopes and dreams. That is why #groovingmums is so good for me and lovely how it appears to help other mums too.
    You take care and keep in touch.

  2. Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog. I agree re festive food – no point starting the new years good intentions until it’s all been eaten! I liked your comment about spending more time on your blog and it making you feel more positive. I feel the same way too. x

  3. I agree it’s not easy getting into the healthy swing with all that festive stuff still hanging around! Someone once told me it’s as much a waste to put it in your body as it would be to bin it, so you might as well bin it. I can see the sense but it’s still hard to do. Good luck with your aims, looking forward to reading more in the coming weeks. Polly x

  4. hardly any chocs for us this year…1. they melt in the heat, 2. its over £12 for a tinm of quality street and 3. i only got back from the uk on the 21st and cba to do any shopping lol

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