No Time

No Time

It has been almost 2 weeks since I last blogged and at the moment I just can’t seem to find the time and head space to so all the writing that I want to do.

Its Fj’s 5th birthday on Thursday and he’s having a party on the Sunday (25 children, what was I thinking?) so I am trying to sort out his birthday, the party, Christmas presents and trying to get involved with The Joanne Bingley Memorial Foundation and I feel like I am failing miserably with everything.

I want to be blogging, I want to keep up with Grooving Tuesday, I didn’t manage last week and this week is almost up and it’s not looking hopeful! I need to blog about the ‘Call for Action’ petition, and I have lots of reviews that I need to write. I also have a couple of other blogs in my mind that I want to do but I can’t get my head round the words.

The house is a mess, and soon to be worse as the garage / store-room is going to become a playroom, but the ‘things’ in there need to have new homes. We have friends coming round this evening and I should be cleaning, but am sat at the computer! I would like a magic wand to get the house spotless (I can dream).

If anyone reading this has some words of wisdom in how to manage my messed up head so I can blog and also actually read other blogs I would be very grateful!

So I haven’t disappeared completely (if anyone noticed the silence?) I am just struggling to get the words down and switch off from other things in my head.


11 thoughts on “No Time

  1. I like you struggle to keep on top of the house and blogging is a little sanctuary all of its own I find. I hope it helps to remind you that lots of housework jobs look worse than they actually are so the important thing to do is to start. I am mercenary in how I say to myself that I will do a little job and then have a reward whether a coffee or writing a blog post, going for a walk, whatever does it for you. Sometimes I only manage to do stuff during advert breaks when watching daytime telly but even that is more than I could manage in the darkest days of depression. Celebrate the tiniest moves in the right direction. And make the people around you acknowledge it when you have done it. As for #groovingmums, lots of us have had setbacks in its first month and I am going to blog about that when I find the right words but it will be before Tuesday I hope so hoping that reassures and helps folks. If you join in and just blog, “Hey, I am struggling!” that is honest and helps others more than you know. Sending support and what you are doing in raising awareness of Joe Bingley is super, fab, smashing so love yourself for that

  2. Sorry you’re having a tough time. I’m trying to get my house in order for going back to work. It seems like a mammoth task though & progress is slow. Small steps though & you’ll get there. I was struggling before #groovingmums came along & my post this week is a bit more about my struggles. Finding blogging quite therapeutic.

  3. Well I don’t have any words of wisdom, except sometimes you just have to “go with it” and let things go a bit and wait until you’re in the right frame of mind. I haven’t felt very creative lately either but then I’ll have a lightbulb moment and be fired up again. I pretty much wrote about something similar on my blog about the state of my house and dust bunnies getting me down the other week.
    Here’s a tip, if you have visitors coming round, leave the hoover out, and leave a duster lying somewhere conspicuous, so it LOOKS like you are in the middle of cleaning πŸ˜‰

  4. I noticed! πŸ™‚ I’m the same, these days I find it much easier to just vegetate in front of Downton Abbey than write/read blogs. I think maybe we need to prioritise! πŸ˜€

  5. I get like this sometimes and find that I just want to sleep all day. I usually take a step back from blogging because I end up writing rubbish if I force myself to do a post. My house is always a mess. I don’t have the energy or will to clean up after children every minute of the day. Keep your chin up x

  6. I always find that making a list of things to do helps – I have a blackboard in the kitchen, so satisfying to cross items off or wipe them off! It also serves as a reminder to others in the house of how much needs to be done to keep things running smoothly and encourages them to help out where they can. Try not to be hard on yourself, do what you can when you can. I didn’t suffer from PND (my boys are 18 and 15 now) but have suffered from clinical depression in the last 4 years. The everlasting thing that I have learnt is that it’s far more important to spend time with and enjoy your family than it is to worry about the state of the house and what anyone else thinks. You’re not failing, you just have heaps to think about at the moment. I’m sure your friends will not be worried about anything except sharing time with you and helping you to have a great evening. Celebrate the fact that you have a fabulous five year old and that you’re a great mother, stick two fingers up at anything negative, hope you have a great evening and lots of laughs to get the feel good endorphins wizzing! x

  7. I noticed too!

    I can feel very very similar alot of the time too.

    It’s amazing how much pressure you can feel, especially when a few things mount up.

    What helps for me thinking what I absolutely MUST do that day. Know in your own mind that everything else can wait.

    Once I have cleared my brain enough to deal with that, I think about one more thing that needs to be done right now (anything that can ‘keep’ gets ignored).

    Once I’ve done two biggish things, the rest of the stuff tends to get done, as the pressure’s off.

    Don’t worry too much about the garage/playroom – it will get done, and you could ask for help with it too.

    You’re doing a great job on so many fronts – I know it’s easy to say, but take one thing at a time, get a couple of early nights and watch some rubbish TV. Everything will come together.

    Good luck and hope to read how you’re getting on soon.

  8. Hello everyone – Thank you all so much for taking the time to comment, your words and thoughts really do help. I can’t reply to you all individually as I would normally like to as time is very liminted at the moment.

    FJ is 5 tommorrow and I think once his birthday and party are out of the way I will feel much better. My Anxiety has been bad this week – getting anxious over baking a cake is just daft!

    So thank you everyone, and thank you Kate for your second comment, l will just say that life is not easy at the moment, but I know I will get through it and come out the other side soon.

  9. Go with the flow. Remember you need to be Ok in yourself to do anything, so be kind to yourself. It will all come round and you’ll be able to do teh things you wnat to do as well as those you need to do. Lists help!

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