Getting Your Groove Back Tuesday

Getting Your Groove Back Tuesday

So it’s that time again for Getting Your Groove Back Tuesday being run by Kate on Thin Ice, it’s a place for us all to remember who ‘we’ are. Yes we might all be a mum, wife, house keeper, taxi service, chef etc. But what about you and your ‘Groove’, this is a time to celebrate who you are, and what you have done to get a little bit of you and your groove back this week.

This week has been a big mixture of ups and downs for me, but as this is all about getting your groove back I will just post about the highs.

1. On Wednesday I went out to another mum’s house to join up with the local toddler group committee meeting. There were only 4 of us there, but a glass of wine, some chocolate cake and natter was great, interspersed with talk of what the plans for the next few months at toddlers were! Some of the conversations were quite strange in the sense of ‘how did we get to that?’ but it was good to get out and not have children round my legs. Being on the committee really doesn’t entail much, but it does give me a sense of doing something so I feel good about that.

2. On Saturday I met up with a couple of friends that I went to school with, we went for lunch at a lovely small bistro and sat out in the sunshine. The food was lovely and the lemonade I had was excellent. It was great to catch up with them, again with no children in tow. The only thing missing was a nice cold rose, but as I was driving it wasn’t to be. We also went round a couple of lovely shops selling gorgeous housey nik naks, the sort of shop you spend your time saying ‘don’t touch!’ or you just don’t bother going in, so it was great to have a little browse round. We hope to try to meet up more regularly, although it won’t happen now until after Christmas, too many things happening now.

3. The last thing this past week that I have done, was great. I met up with one of the trustee’s from The Joanne Bingley Memorial Foundation to see how I could get involved, I don’t think either of us expected to be out quite so late! Dinah is so passionate about PND and ending the stigma and so am I that we just couldn’t stop talking! I am really pleased that I am going to be involved, I’ve got some research to do at the moment, which will hopefully keep me occupied for a while. I am also going to try to find out when Dinah can visit the health visiting teams in the area. The main thing that Dinah wants to set up is a support group within our town, which is something I really want to do too, so I hope that I can somehow get involved in that too. For me this is hopefully going to help me realise that I can still do things, that I am not useless and eventually it may help me back into work as I will be using my admin skills again (although I’m not sure I want to go back into admin!).

So onto the ‘challenges’ set by Kate this week:

1. Breakfast is always important to me, where possibly though I like to have it alone and watch a bit of the news, this is not always possible as children decide to get up and want feeding too (how dare they!!). I tend to go for cereal most mornings, corn flakes or shreddies is my choice at the moment, and I am trying to stop putting so much sugar on them! Not forgetting the cup of tea, which invariably goes cold before I get to drink it all. When it is a birthday or a special occasion we tend to go for Pain au Chocolate (unless NJ is choosing and then its bacon butties) and croissants. So this week I will get some for the weekend and indulge us a little. I mean it would be rude to not follow the challenge set!

2. The second part of the challenge is not so easy, I’m no good at selling myself and really not sure what to put here…

Thats me this week – not sure how the next week will pan out, but I’ve not managed to be kind to my body, still eating lots of chocolate and other foods I really should be cutting back on!

So what have you been doing this week to help get your ‘groove’ back, pop over and link up with Kate and share.


7 thoughts on “Getting Your Groove Back Tuesday

  1. I’m impressed with your goings on… you seem to be involved in a lot locally which is great. Pain au Chocolat would be my breakfast of choice with a hot cup of tea (mine always goes cold by the time I drink it too!) but I’m trying to stay healthy so opted for smoked salmon and scrambled eggs which I had today. Actually, think I might have another cuppa now whilst the baby sleeps! Have a good week. It’s okay to eat chocolate every so often. I ate a whole Lindt bar the other day (I did feel guilty about it but thoroughly enjoyed it) and I did a run that evening to compensate. See you next week…

  2. Good for you! Reading this makes me realise that I should make more of an effort! Going out -what’s that again?? Usually I’m too tired! I will be interested to see what you do next week!

  3. Hey, sounds like you’ve had a couple of nice occasions this week where you could enjoy some uninterrupted adult conversation! Your Saturday sounded lovely. Well done on setting up a meeting and getting involved in the Foundation, what a worthwhile cause, and how fantastic to be able to volunteer for something you feel so passionate about.

  4. Fabulous #groovingmum activities, may I say Mrs Shortie!

    The first one embracing your new life, your second embracing your old one, and the third helping others’ lives.

    Truly inspirational.

    PS It is amazing what you can achieve when someone else is looking after the nippers, isn’t it?!

  5. Sorry for not commenting before. Mad week with computers playing up. It is Kate on Thin Ice by the way. I love how you are taking up good causes.
    There is such a feeling of freedom when out and about without holding a child’s hand however much we love them. Great breakfast idea and I have an idea for next week based on how many people have struggled with the Spin Doctor Challenge. See you next week?

  6. Well done for getting some ‘me’ time. I’m sure it was lovely to catch up with friends 🙂

    I’m sure I said this last time I commented, but I really admire you for getting involved in the foundation. I really think things like support groups can make a huge difference. With my breastfeeding, just knowing that there is a support group locally that I can go to if I need it has made me so much more confident. I think a group might have helped me when I was suffering depression as well. So there’s something for your spin-doctor challenge – you’re passionate and involving yourself in a great cause!

  7. Your lunch with old friends sounds lovely, and so does the shopl I avoid shops like that with my two as well although they are my favourite kind of shop. Hope you enjoyed your meeting with the foundation, a very worthwhile cause x

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