Getting Your Groove Back Tuesday

Getting Your Groove Back Tuesday

So its into the second week of  Getting Your Groove Back Tuesday being run by Kate on Thin Ice, it’s a place for us all to remember who ‘we’ are. Yes we might all be a mum, wife, house keeper, taxi service, chef etc. But what about you and your ‘Groove’, this is a time to celebrate who you are, and what you have done to get a little bit of you and your groove back this week.

Kate has given us 2 challenges this week:

1. Which song would you play a lot whilst trying to get your groove back? For me this is a hard one, I like lots of different music, so it would just be a case of having some upbeat music on that I can sing to and feel confident. If I find a particular song that seems to do the trick best I will revisit the question!

2.  What can I do to make my body feel better this week? Well for a start I should stop eating chocolate and rubbish! Then I should start to eat healthily, I know that eating better makes me feel better and makes me look better. Unfortunately the knowing and the doing are two completely different things!! I will see how I go this week, and report back.

So to try to get my groove back this week I have:

Been to a brilliant event where Elaine Hanzak spoke, she is an inspirational speaker and speaks about PND and ways to help you deal with the negativity you hold. (Elaine suffered severe PND) she is also now a trustee for The Joanne Bingley memorial Foundation. I found the event very thought-provoking, but I have also decided that I want to get involved in the Foundation, it is something that is local, but also obviously very close to my heart. I really do think that more should be done to support parents with PND. I’ve been in contact with a couple of people, so just waiting to hear what I can do to help – at the moment I am tweeting and face-booking about them.

Unfortunately that is all I have done this week – although I have got something lined up for the weekend, but will blog that next Tuesday!

So go on, what have you done this week to get your groove back? Link up with Kate and share.


11 thoughts on “Getting Your Groove Back Tuesday

  1. Thanks for joining in again. Don’t forget to add your link over on my blog. About to go out but will return and look at the Foundation information. Healthy eating is possible but your mind has to be in the right place to do it I find. I am in my 3rd week of doing it and enjoying wearning slightly baggier jeans lol. Very intrigued as to what you have in store for us next week. Think you did well this week anyway. As I have said before, little steps are fine on this blog hop, they all help us move forward

    1. Thanks for creating this blog hop, or whatever it needs to be classed as! I know so well that your mind has to be in it to be healthy, just frustrating when its not where you want it to be! Already got something to add to the blog hop next week!

  2. I’ve been eating the healthier options (most of the time… I still indulge in cakes & chocolate occasionally) and combined with a bit of exercise I’ve achieved dramatic results. I’m so much healthier & happier than I was. Here’s hoping I can keep it up. Physically I’m where I want to be, but emotionally I still have some work to do.

    1. Thanks for commenting. I used to be really good with the healthy eating, but it just dosen’t happen at the moment. My biggest problem is my actual weight is not too bad, so its really hard to keep focused on the healthy eating. I hope you manage to keep going with the healthy eating, hopefully the emotional health will soon follow.

  3. Ah, the lure of the chocolate and other stuff! I have a half used box of chocolate dragees in my office which are a bit of a downfall for me – although a little choc can make you feel better! Look forward to hearing about your weekend next week!

  4. Wow I think getting involved with he foundation sounds like a brilliant start as not only are you doing something to help you but also to hep others. As a fellow PND sufferer I also think more should be done, as I said in my post for this I think this is the reason I am now as low and unconfident about myself as I am. I have only really just started seeing someone about it as well and my youngest is 5 next week! Great work and good luck with involved wit the foundation.

  5. It’s a great idea to get involved in the foundation! I admire you for doing that. I really hope the stigma around PND, and mental health issues in general, disappears over time with the help of things like the foundation.

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