Getting Your Groove Back Tuesday

Getting Your Groove Back Tuesday

I have decided to join in the Getting Your Groove Back Tuesday being run by Kate on Thin Ice, it’s a place for us all to remember who ‘we’ are. Yes we might all be a mum, wife, house keeper, taxi service, chef etc. But what about you and your ‘Groove’, this is a time to celebrate who you are, and what you have done to get a little bit of you and your groove back this week.

I think mine may be very short this week, but I am hoping that if I manage to follow this, I can squeeze out what is about me and what is just for the kids.

So this week I have:

1. Managed to blog some more than during the holidays. Its something I enjoy doing and it’s just for me. Okay the trigger was from having a traumatic birth and getting PND, but essentially it is for me. I enjoy writing and it doesn’t actually matter if I am good or not. It’s all about me enjoying myself.

2. Me and NJ went out with another couple on Saturday for a curry and we had a great time, and for once we were not talking about the children (something NJ and I often do when we go out by ourselves). I think it is something we are going to start doing on a regular basis, so to the cinema, a meal, or at someones house.

I think that is me for now, but I think it’s a start I’ve spent the last 9 years either thinking about getting pregnant, being pregnant or thinking about trying to get pregnant. Now that chapter is closed it’s a good time to start thinking about me now. So go on, what have you done this week to get your groove back? Link up with Kate and share.


8 thoughts on “Getting Your Groove Back Tuesday

  1. I loved your post. I’d forgotten how long I’d also spent thinking about trying to get pregnant, getting pregnant, being pregnant etc etc and your post reminded me. I also liked your description of a night out just you and hubby – we only ever talk about our little chap too! I like the idea of planning nights out, maybe that’s something I should add to my list too. Good luck with your list, I’m looking forward to future posts.

  2. Great ideas – especially the night out with another couple! I reckon when you and your OH are out with others, it’s much easier to be your pre baby self, and just as importantly, pre baby couple.

    I hope you manage more nights out – we’ll give it a go too!

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