No Child Born To Die

No Child Born To Die

I read a post today over at (Mostly) Yummy Mummy about a Save the Children Campaign, and I have to admit that at the start of the post I thought ‘yes I would love to help, but money is tight at the moment’, but this isn’t about money, this is about campaigning to get more health workers in poorer countries.

Here in the UK we are lucky enough to have the NHS, who provides us with care and support. Without the midwives who were monitoring me during childbirth I am pretty sure TJ my youngest would not have been here and who knows what might have happened to me too.We had to cope with FJ, my son catching pneumonia, but we were lucky and got help and medication quickly and he soon recovered.

This is not the case for millions of children and mothers in the poorest countries, mothers have to give birth alone, risking still births and many children under 5 die of illnesses that we are fortunate enough to have vaccinations for.

On Tuesday David Cameron will meet world leaders at the United Nations and Save the Children are going to call on David Cameron to campaign and set an example to the rest of the world to get more health workers in these poorer countries.

Mummy from the Heart and Hello its Gemma are holding a blog hop to try to get 100 bloggers to write 100 words (I seem to have written a little more!) to help spread the word. Please take a look, sign the petition and spread the word about this terrible shortfall in health workers.


5 thoughts on “No Child Born To Die

  1. while money is important, the power of social media, applies a pressure to Governments to spend the money they have where experts like Save the Children know it should be spent.
    thanks for taking part.

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