Now the Summer is Over

Now the Summer is Over

At the beginning of July I joined in the listography hosted by The Reluctant House Dad, 5 Things I want to do this summer. I thought that now that the summer was over  I would look back at what I had wanted to do and see what I managed to achieve.

1. Enjoy my first camping holiday with the children.

Yes I managed this, we had a great holiday in Norfolk, and NJ has agreed to go again. The children enjoyed themselves and I think it’s the most relaxed NJ has been for a long time.

2. Enjoy spending time with all 3 children

Hmm, not sure how much I achieved this one, I spent sometime with FJ baking some bread and making meals. Unfortunately in reality I didn’t really do that much with them. I think they had a good summer holiday but I didn’t manage to ‘do’ lots with them.

3. Start working again.

Well this didn’t happen, I realised having got very stressed in the two weeks leading up to our camping holiday that I really wasn’t ready for making the actual step of working. I discussed it with NJ and he agreed. I have now decided to not worry about it until after Christmas, at which time I may be ready to think about what I actually want to do career wise.

4. Meet up with old school friends

Yes I manged to meet up with 3 of my old school friends, it was lovely to see them and their children and it never once felt uncomfortable. In some ways it would be nice if we all lived closer, but I think then we would perhaps still not see that much of each other as we all have our own friends and lives to life. I think we will manage to meet up a little more often that once every 3 years though!

5. Celebrate NJ’s 40th Birthday

Yes we celebrated NJ’s 40th, not as we had originally planned, but instead in a much more relaxed way at a 5* hotel away from any hustle and bustle.

So I achieved 3 out of the 5 things I planned and with all things considered with my dodgy mental health I think I did okay.


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