Review – Postman Pat Special Delivey Service App

Review – Postman Pat Special Delivey Service App

I was asked to review the new Postman Pat app, for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. Having 2 children who love Postman Pat and using my iPhone even more, I thought it would be a good chance to have a go at reviewing. My son FJ is 4 (almost 5) and my daughter AJ is 8

The game has been released to coincide with Postman Pats 30th Birthday celebrations and this game is said to help Pat deliver more than ever before. The games are aimed at the young audience of Postman Pat and are designed to make learning fun.

This is what I knew about the game from the press release:  

The Postman Pat App offers young fans games that deliver interactive early learning fun with their everyday hero, Pat. There are eight action-packed games to choose from plus a special bonus game where players can make pictures and fix puzzles from stamps collected during game-play. Perfect for young players, each game has been designed so that it is easy to learn and fun to play without the need of parental assistance.

Games include:

  •  Helicopter Game: Help Postman Pat deliver the airmail. Which house does each of the parcels belong to?
  • Thompson Farm: Help Alf round up the animals into the right pens. Touch each animal and move them to the pen with the matching picture as quickly as possible.

  •  Post Office Sorting Game: Help Pat sort the letters and parcels into the correct sorting bins. 
  • Train Game: Help Ajay direct the trains. Look for the colored lights on the signal posts then touch the junctions to change the direction of the arrow points. 

  •  Whose Who?: Can you guess who each parcel belongs to? Touch each parcel and drag it to the correct person. 
  • Garage Game: Pat’s van needs some repairs. Can you find the right tool for the job? 

  •  Gift Giving Game: It’s party time at Postman Pat’s house and there’s a sack full of presents to give out! Make sure each child gets the present they want before time runs out.
  • Post Box Run: It’s time to collect the mail. Use your finger to guide Postman Pat’s Van to each Post Box in the correct order so all the mail can be collected before time runs out.
  • Bonus Game: Postman Pat’s House: Fix the puzzles with all the stamps that you have collected throughout all of the other games!

My son was very excited to have a new game, he constantly badgers me to get new games on my iPhone so he couldn’t wait to try it out.

He quickly tried out all the different games, but his favourite was Pencaster Trains where you get to help Ajay direct the trains through the right junction. His sister’s favourite was Ben’s Sorting Office game, I think she liked the idea of sorting out everyone’s post!

The games are both fun and educational, especially for getting children to match things up. Once your child knows what to do they can go away and play the games by themselves. I really like that you can have several profiles, which means both my son and daughter (and me!) can play the games and see how far they can get.

I asked both AJ and FJ what they thought of the Postman Pat Game and FJ said BRILLIANT and AJ said it is great FUN. I played it too and think it could get quite addictive, although you will find that the song ‘Special Delivery Service’ will be going round you head all the time once it has been played!

I would say that if your child likes Postman Pat then they will LOVE this game, if you want more information look at the App store, it is £1.99 to purchase, which is cheaper than a magazine, and will keep your child entertained for much longer.


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