Just One Sentence

Just One Sentence

On Saturday my mind was sent swirling back to all the negative thoughts that I have had over the past 12 months (quite possibly longer). I cried, I got cross, I had negative thoughts tumbling through my mind.

All of this was due to one little sentence that NJ said to, actually more shouted at me, just before I was setting off to get AJ from gymnastics. “Why can’t you tidy up before I come home?”. Okay I admit it’s not a great thing to say to your nutty wife, but he and anyone else that talks to me shouldn’t have to walk round on egg shells all the time, constantly worrying that something that they say could upset me or send me back several weeks or months.

I was quite shocked at how easily I got upset (not sure driving and crying are a great combination?), how easily my mind was swirling with constant negative thoughts. The only upside of this is that I did recover fairly quickly, unlike a year ago when that would have been me knocked down for several days. So I know that I am improving, but I really do not like that I can’t manage any negative comments especially from NJ.


4 thoughts on “Just One Sentence

  1. I know how you feel, sometimes Wayne will say something insensitive that I should be able to just shrug off but it sets me off and I’m in tears for ages! But as long as they don’t completely debilitate us I think we’re still ok 🙂

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