Real Mums Stories of PND

Real Mums Stories of PND

I am very pleased to have included in the PND Carnival over at Celebrating Mums – Real Mums Stories of PND. There are 5 of us who have been brave enough to talk about how PND has effected us, all talked about in different ways.

I put forward my post Time Machine Anyone as I feel that sums up a lot of what I feel over this whole PND ‘illness’.

One of my biggest aims with writing my blog was to let other sufferers of PND know that they are not alone and also to hopefully find that I too am not alone in the ways that I sometimes feel.

Please take a look at all the blogs and try to leave some feedback for everyone.



One thought on “Real Mums Stories of PND

  1. Thanks so much for taking part. One thing that struck me about the posts was that as well as common stuff there were individual experiences too. Although only 5 people took part this time, I think I will make it a monthly event and as more people share in the way you do, that can only help others I hope.
    Kate from Celebrating Mums x

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