Top 5 favourite ice-creams

Top 5 favourite ice-creams

Kate Takes 5 is back on the Listography this week, and its a great one, although quite difficult to cut it down to just 5. I love my ice creams and ice lollies!

I did think of some that I used to like from my childhood, such as lemonade Sparkle, and 2 ball screwball! But this is a list of what I like now – although in reality any ice-cream will do!

This list is in no particular order!

1. Cornetto

I love cornetto’s, I think my favourite has to be strawberry. Ice cream in a cone and all the way to the bottom! When I was younger we were only allowed 1 cornetto on holiday as they were too expensive, maybe that’s why I now love them and let my kids have them too!

2. Lemon meringue Ice Cream from Yummy Yorkshire ice-cream Parlour

Just a few miles up the road from us is the Yummy Yorkshire ice-cream parlour where they makes loads of different ice creams. After living here for 5 years now, last year was the first time we tried it – it was very yummy, the kids loved it too. They do a cherry and apple one too that I really like. The kids tend to stick to the more ‘normal’ types like chocolate and strawberry. NJ actually tried a chilli one last time – don’t think he will have it again as it was too hot.

3. A ’99’

I used to always want a ‘Mr Whippy 99’ where the ice cream is all creamy and looks like a ‘real’ ice cream. I think this is again something I wasn’t often allowed. Now though I actually prefer the scooped ice-cream, especially when its made with clotted cream!

4. Tropical Selero

I had one of these the other day when I treated the kids after school, it was delicious, really refreshing. It’s a lolly on the outside and an ice-cream in the middle – you just can’t go wrong! I think this is one I will be having lots if the summer ever returns.

5. Raspberry Ripple ice cream

AJ loves this and so do I, maybe it’s from the 2 ball screwball as that was vanilla and raspberry. What ever reason its one ice-cream I really like and when buying a tub this is one I like to get whenever possible.

So there is my list, it’s really easy – why not pop over to Kate Takes 5 and join in.


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