5 Things I Want To Do This Summer

5 Things I Want To Do This Summer

I am joining in with the listography this week, that has been hosted by The reluctant house dad. 5 Things I want to do this summer.

1. Enjoy my first camping holiday with the children.

We are going camping, in a tent, for the first time in just a few weeks time. We are traveling over to Cromer in Norfolk, somewhere I’ve never been. It has taken me several year to grind NJ down to agree to camping, I just hope that we all enjoy it!

2. Enjoy spending time with all 3 children

Last year the summer holidays were very difficult, it was when I realised I had PND, so in reality after lots of ideas of what to do with AJ & FJ nothing ever really happened. This year I want to enjoy their company, do things, like playing in the garden, baking cakes, sticking and just generally having fun. Alongside not getting cross with them and making sure WW3 doesn’t break out!

3. Start working again.

I have made plans to start working for Usborne Books, they sell books for 0-12 year olds, using the good old fashion party plan. I am hoping that this will be good for my recovery, and maybe bring us in a few more pennies to spend on ‘stuff’!

4. Meet up with old school friends

When I was at school I was in a group of 6 girls that remained friends after we left, however as the years have gone on and we’ve got married and had children I have not managed to visit them for a couple of years. I have been in touch with some of them and am hoping that this summer I will manage to see a couple of them at least. It’s strange to think that 2 of them have had children (who are now at least 2) that I have not yet met. I hope that I will then continue to keep in touch.

5. Celebrate NJ’s 40th Birthday

NJ (hubby) will be 40 mid August and he does not want a party, instead we are going down to London for the night, child free (thanks to my sister who has agreed to have all 3 children!). NJ wants to go on the London Eye, and we are not sure what else. But I really hope that I manage to make this a great birthday for him. Just need to get myself organised and book a hotel.

So that’s my list, I hope when I look back at this in September I will have achieved some of it, if not all.


5 thoughts on “5 Things I Want To Do This Summer

  1. great list, Im sure come September you will have managed to tick most of these things, hope camping turns out well for you, we have been camping several times and love it!

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