I Hope

I Hope

At the moment my children are still young and need me and NJ around, TJ needs everything doing, but the older two are starting to be able to do more and more for themselves. They do however still need and want us when they are ill, hurt themselves, had a fall out or just want a cuddle.

AJ is starting to call on friends without me taking her and is spending more time playing in her room (I am hoping this is to stop TJ from wrecking her toys and not an avoidance of me!), and FJ is starting school in September so will no longer need me during the day.

TJ has a very independent streak in her, she seldom lets us feed her with a spoon, she believes that she should be in control of what goes in her mouth – unless it is chocolate – (just read my blog about it ) or it is her bottle of milk. I do wonder what she will be like when she is  a few years older.

For now I hope that over the next few years AJ my eldest will be able to come to me with any problems, she is only 8, but I know those years will soon go and she will be looking at the boys, hitting puberty and wanting to go out more. I believe that I always tell her that she can tell us anything and we won’t be cross or angry or laugh at her. If she thinks it’s a problem then we will help her through it.

But as they all get older, I hope and wish that they will always want and need NJ and I, in whatever form that might be. I know this is all a long way off, and something I should not be thinking about yet but I have, and want the type of relationship with my 3 that I don’t have with my parents. I want them to call me often, visit lots, want to spend time with us.

I just hope that they will love us as much as we love them and always be in their thoughts – I hope that is not expecting too much.


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