Listography- Top 5 Places I’d Like to Visit.

Listography- Top 5 Places I’d Like to Visit.

So here’s my first attempt at taking part in the Listography from Kate Takes 5, I hope I do ok, this week it is Top 5 Places I would like to Visit.

1. Hong Kong


When I was younger I used to have a pen pal from Hong Kong, and I always wanted to go and meet her. Unfortunately as we got older and went of to University we seemed to lose touch. I still want to go, I think it would be such an exciting adventure. A completely different culture, and environment to what I am used to and have ever experienced.

2. Disney Land

I have always wanted to go to Disney Land, probably like most children I saw it as a magical place that was full of all my favourite Disney characters. It was something I saw as only possible for the rich. I remember a friend who had moved away was taken by her parents when she was about 14, and I was SOOOOO jealous! My desire to go has not diminished over the years, and having inherited some money 18 months ago we have put some money aside to go there when TJ is almost 5, so she remembers it all. I think this will be a holiday of lifetime and really look forward to sharing the magic with my children.

3. Bahamas

I don’t know much about this place but the idea of a holiday in beautiful sunshine and pure relaxation really appeals.

4. New Zealand

New Zealand is a place that I think would be the perfect place to live, NJ and I talked (before children) about emigrating here, but that was all it was ‘talk’ we didn’t really have the right skills to be able to get visas easily and as NJ is almost 40 now this is one place that we will just have to visit (hopefully).

5. New York

I’ve heard so many good things about a city break to New York that I would just love to go, just me & NJ. I think going for Christmas shopping would be brilliant.

So that’s my list, I fear that they are not overly unusual but I am not well-travelled and still have so many firsts to do, I’m looking forward to reading others and where they would like to travel, I may even pick up some new ideas!


14 thoughts on “Listography- Top 5 Places I’d Like to Visit.

  1. Love that first picture. Oh and the Bahamas one. And New Zealand…We spent 3 months out there and it rained every day. We were supposed to stay a year but couldn’t face it so we doubled back to Australia again! I love it that you have plans to visit one of your top 5 – must get on with making on eof mine happen too. Thanks for joining in!

  2. I Love Love LOVE your choices.
    There are so many amazing people in the world living in so many amazing places! I hope you get to visit ALL of them : )

  3. What wonderful places! My brother emigrated to New Zealand nearly two years ago, its taking him a long time to get used to it! Although he loves the scenery and the outdoor way of life, the cost of living and the fact they are about 20 years behind Britain in things like maternity rights and health and safety do grind on him sometimes. Am sure he will fall in love with it in time!

  4. Fab choices. I choose Hong Kong as well but agree with all your others as well! One day maybe we’ll all get to visit at least one πŸ™‚ especially Disney which I would love to take the boys to

  5. Hong Kong is an amazing place. So so good. Hoping to go to New York this year!

    As for the rest – Yep, I’d love to go to see the Grand Canyon and wanting to take Freyja to Disney when she’s bigger x

  6. Wow, fab list. To stand in that street in Hong Kong and not just hear and see, but feel, the hustle and bustle around you would be engulfing and phenomenal. Disneyland would be such a special place to take The Boy, I’d have to get his age just right to make sure he enjoyed it enough to justify the cost, and isn’t too old to waste it! I think I’d prefer Saint Lucia than the Bahamas, but anywhere like that would be fantastical! New Zealand would be just stunning, but I fear I would never manage that long journey. Last one, New York? I’ve been there in Summer and it was hideous because the heat was extreme and the pollution stuck to your skin! But in Christmas it would be just the most magical place!

    I’ve waffled haven’t I? Sorry! Great list!

  7. Love that your son’s called TJ.. so is mine!! Love your choices. All of them actually. I’m absolutely fascinated with New Zealand (breathtaking photo!) and have heard so many amazing things about it. Hong Kong is also on my ‘ Must See’ list. I love that Disneyland is on your list too!

  8. The idea of Disneyland has never really floated my canoe, I’m more of an Alton Tower’s person I think πŸ˜‰ DH and I also talked about moving to New Zealand pre-Ben. We had the skills and ability but in the end I would have missed my family too much. I’m with you on the shopping trip to NYC though. I don’t know why, but going to NY and saying “Can I get a cuppa cwah-fee” has been a strange fantasy of mine ever since I got hooked on “Mad About You” πŸ˜€

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